Wedding Stitches: Part 3

28 09 2014

When I think of “nerdy” and “wedding” I think

“Mawwage is wat bwings us here today…”

The Princess Bride is an amazing swashbuckling love story…with kissing…I couldn’t leave it out


“this is TRUE LOVE…you think this happens everyday?”

I was so unsure what to put for this one besides the quote. I finally found the heart design in a old French embroidery book, and I added the swords (because, swords!). The heart had some vines that went through the middle of a few squares, and were huge pain in the ass.

This one was the first one I did on 14 ct. In an effort to make sure they were all the same(ish) size, I did some on 14, and some on 18.

After the heart, this one went rather quickly. I hope to do more Princess Bride in the future.

Wedding Stitches: Part 2

26 09 2014

One of Frank’s all time favorite book series’ is The Lord of the Rings. So, of course, I had to put in a quote from that. We finally settled on this one:


“I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone,”

This was done on 18 ct Aida. I originally had the green much darker, but I figured with the wedding colors being white and pale yellow, the colors should be a little more pastel.

Wedding Stitches: Part 1

25 09 2014

Just as things were supposed to settle down from the wedding and honeymoon, they pick right up again as my new husband (!!) and I prepare to head back out to the ships for a rehearsal process and a new ship.

Fear not, loyal readers. I have plenty to post in the meantime, and hopefully I’ll have more to show on my current projects by the time I’m finished posting these lol…

So, for the past several months, I was slow to post anything larger than a 5×7 project because I had some secret projects going on. Well, they’re no secret now (during these posts)!

I was stitching the centerpieces for the tables for the reception. It was really the only DIY part of the wedding I could do. So Frank and I chose eight quotes from movies and books that we both liked, and then I designed and stitched them.

This is the first:


“Sometimes when you fall, you fly”

This quote is from a comic series called Sandman. Believe it or not, this one was one of the more difficult ones to design, before I decided that simple was the way to go.

It’s on 18 ct aida, DMC 310 and…yellow…can’t remember the number.

Post Honeymoon

16 09 2014

So, I suppose it would be two Saturdays ago – September 6 – that I got married to the most amazing man I’ve ever met.

Clearly the past few weeks have been a bit busy. I missed a WIPocalypse update. It’s funny though, because the topic this month was Who is your favourite person to stitch for, or do you prefer to keep your stitching yourself?


As much as I like to stitch for myself, I love to make Frank smile with things I stitch for him.

Anyway, I am so, so excited to show off what I’ve secretly been working on for the past few months, as it was for my wedding. However, I don’t have goo pictures of each of them to share, so I have a small piece that I worked on in the week leading up to the Big Event.

A little backstory first…

I am ticklish. Violently ticklish. I hate hate HATE being tickled. And so does my little brother. During a tickle-fight, I told my brother (as I was tickle-torturing him) to stop being ticklish by pretending he was an inanimate object. So we ended up coming up with this mantra to try to stop being ticklish while being tickled.

It doesn’t work, by the way.

098 Ticklish

It. Does. Not. Work.

Smalls SAL August 2014

27 08 2014

I’ma be honest. This will be the last update for a while. My wedding is impending (9 days!), and apparently I’m not allowed to think about anything else right now :P

Anyway, I do have a small project that I haven’t posted yet. I was pretty proud of this one, not least because it’s on 24 count cloth…


It’s set in a 3 inch hoop, so very small stitches, those.

Hopefully after wedding and honeymoon I’ll be able to post a lot again :)

This is whats happening…

3 08 2014

So…it seems like I’ve been on a mini hiatus. And I kind of have. I haven’t stitched very much lately.

On 26 July, our contract ended, so Frank and I left our ship. Before that…craziness. Handovers, packing, and an impromptu Bachelor/Bachelorette party thrown for us by our cast (hopefully, I’ll get around to updating the travel blog about that). I tried stitching a bit…but life happened…

As soon as I got home, I was extremely grateful that I finished my wedding stitches (and didn’t ruin them, like I thought I did), because we hit the ground running with more wedding stuff. Just three days after my return, I had my final fitting for my dress, then I finalized the rentals and got a runner…everything is pretty much done other than paying off the stuff.

Oh, and now I’m in California (far from home) for my brother’s wedding. Weddings for everyone! I did stitch on the plane. Finished my little brother’s birthday piece…which is good, because his birthday was last month, and the thing has only like 600 stitches in it. Should have finished that in a day.

Anyway, the point is that I am stitching stuff…but I’m also super busy, and not getting a huge amount done that isn’t directly part of my impending wedding :)

WIPocalypse July 2014

12 07 2014

Another full moon, another update!

I finally finished all those secret stitches, and I still can’t post them. I was actually panicking because I used a blue wash-out fabric marker to mark the center of all of them, and when I went to wash out the marks, they turned brown!! I was so upset. Before I did anything to even try to rectify the situation, I’m not ashamed to say that I cried for like an hour.

After that, I bought some internet minutes (because I was on the ship, and we have to get internet minutes like phone minutes…it’s expensive-ish), and Googled my fingers off. One website said that rubbing alcohol would take out the marks, but all I had at my disposal was a box of alcohol prep pads. I tried scrubbing the marks with those, and they seemed to work, but barely.

Then I found this quilting website, and that article was about my same problem. She ended up washing her quilt in a vinegar/water mix, and it fixed it. I agonized, because I couldn’t buy vinegar for two days. I just kept staring at the upper bunk in my cabin, where I was keeping the tainted cloths. When I finally got the vinegar, I made about a 1:1 mix with water, and let them soak for about an hour. Worked like a charm!! The white fabric even looked a little whiter! Or maybe I was just so happy the brown was gone…

Conclusion: Stubborn fabric marker marks? Vinegar.

So, topic time…

Topic:  It’s halfway to Christmas.  Do you start your holiday stitching this early?  If so, what do you hope to accomplish this year?

I am not sure where I’ll be fore Chrismakkah this year, and not sure what I’ll be giving everyone. I have started this early in the past, but we’ll see.

I was inspired by the positive feedback from my last theatre-based cross stitch and pattern (mostly pattern), so I tried coming up with a couple more. I finished this one a few days ago:

It’s a visual representation of one of Shakespeare’s most famous (if not the most famous) stage directions: [exit, pursued by a bear]. Out of context it’s a little ridiculous. And did they have an actual bear in the Globe for this? Or just a guy in a costume?

Some of my friends think this is too abstract to be understood. Prove them wrong, theatre geeks!

I also started a rather big project to be going on in the background of all my other project ideas. Think the Triforce of Badassery that I made for Frank, but Harry Potter, and for myself :)



IHSW and Smalls SAL June 2014

23 06 2014

This post will be for two SALs, as the title suggests, because they were more or less one in the same. I used IHSW to work on my Small project. It’s for my friend Ed, a singer here on the Paradise. He said he wanted an “original Rachel” and he loves super heroes. So, I found out his favourite, and came up with this:

Green Lantern

It wasn’t difficult. I have quite a bit of green 22 count that I’m still not sure what to do with. This ended up being small, but perfect for one of my new 3 inch wooden frames :)

I couldn’t get a good shot of it, but I can never resist using glow floss, so this thing glows in the dark, as well. This one was particularly fitting, I thought.

I also have been working on my other series, which only has 1 and 1/2 pieces left! Very excited about that.

WIPocalypse June 2014

13 06 2014

First, let me just say that the last couple of days have been crazy. I can let it out now, because the surprise is done: I took a work break from the ship (which took months of planning and paperwork) so that I could come home for my mother’s wedding. Catch: she had no idea. I was coming up with schemes to be able to Skype during the ceremony and such, all the while knowing I’d be able to come home. So, the wedding is tomorrow, and I just got home this morning after traveling for a little over 24 hours. I stitched a bit in the long layovers and flights :D

So, Wipocalypse.

June 13 – Topic: Have you ever been to a stitch gathering such as a retreat or a festival? If so, tell us about it!

I can’t say that I have. It sounds interesting, though. I’d like to find out if there are any festivals or retreats near me, though timing is against me in most cases, because of the nature of my work. I have entered some of my work in the local fair, though, and that’s pretty humbling. I really can’t believe that I won second place last year.

Anyway, last WIPocalypse post, I mentioned an 8 piece series I’m working on that I can’t post yet. I was only through like 1.5 of them. I’m proud to say that I’ve finished 5 of 8 so far, and took a tiny break to make a few things not part of that project. Though, on the plane I started one more and I’m about half done with that one. Can’t wait till they’re finished!!!

First was a small piece made from love and frustration for the people I work with:

Places is not a suggestion

Next was a piece also based in theatre, and inspired by another’s work:

Theatre Tech

This blog pretty much blew up that day lol

Then I finished a not-so-small, but still pretty easy project for this month’s Sprite Stitch Challenge: use only three colours…


As soon as I’m finished with this one, I’ll go back and work on the 3 pieces I have left for the secret project (as that actually has a deadline…and it’s closing in fast!!), and I have a big project in the queue for right after that, that I’m super excited about.


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