Smalls SAL October 2014

I’ve been working on some large pieces lately, but I have taken the time to do some small things…

…I say that like I’ve been super busy. In reality, for the past month, I’ve been in Hollywood, Florida in rehearsals for the new shows on my new ship. Due to my responsibilities, there actually wasn’t a huge amount for me to do in the studio. It resulted in me working on my crafts a lot. And when I ran out of things to do/I forgot my big projects at the house, I used scraps. And so I did my smalls for this month. I hope they don’t portray too much how I felt that day…

115 Skull 116 SSDD

The first one is actually one I planned to do a lot bigger, but I like it as a small patch, and it’s perfect for almost-Halloween.

I have some ideas already for next month’s small, too. We’ll be actually busy for the next month or so, installing the shows, which will be nice for my morale, but sad for my crafts.

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Everything is AWESOME!

When the LEGO Movie first came out, I wanted to see it, but I did not think I was going to love it as much as I did. It was pretty cute and had a HUGELY catchy theme song.

“Everything is Awesome” played at my wedding for my new husband and me to walk to our reception. It was perfect. Only for us though. The rest of the party walked in to “Happy” because I don’t care about cliches :)

Then Spoonflower had a giveaway of 8×8 inch swatches of their Eco Canvas. One per household. One. Per. Household. Hmm….

I convinced Frank that he wanted one (I ordered one to myself to Frank’s house), and my grandmother ordered one for me, too. Is that cheating? I ended up with three pretty nice swatches. I ordered one of them with a LEGO Interlocking Brick pattern on it, with no idea what to do with it.

Eventually, this happened:

114 AwesomeI was originally going to stitch it in yellow, but some of the bricks I’d be stitching over were the color I wanted to use. Also, I’m getting better at French knots.

One thing I just can’t understand how this is neater than my actual handwriting. I really can’t.

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Tiny Hurricane

I love working on big projects and seeing the progress, but I do like working on the tiny ones too. Immediate gratification, truly.

This tiny project only took a few hours.

113 Hurricane ButtonI grew up in Florida for a while, and now I pretty much live on a boat in the Caribbean, so I’ve seen my fair share of hurricanes. They’re beautiful, in a terrifying way. Kind of like a wildfire. Watching a hurricane approach is a little exciting, a little scary.

So I made this into a button with a cover button kit, but I’ve been trying to make it a pendant. I’m having a little trouble because I don’t have hot glue, or several of the other things I know I’d use if I had them. I have eyelet wires and jump rings :/ And I’ve been experimenting with superglue as well. We’ll see.

Now back to the big ones!

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IHSW October 2014

At the moment, it’s not difficult to set some time aside for my crafts, but I’ll never pass up an opportunity to dedicate a weekend to it if I can help it. So, here are the results for the weekend. I’ve been working on the weather piece while I’ve been in the studio, and I don’t have before/after pictures, but here it is now The needle is pointing to where I started from this weekend. So, basically that’s all of February done this weekend. I’ll be labeling all the months so that it’s easier to tell. I didn’t get as much on the blanket done as I wanted, because I wanted to be done and there’s still the border left, but I did the main picture part :) And then there’s the reason that I didn’t do as much as I intended to on the blanket. I could have finished it last night, but I had a very, very distracting brain wave. Pokeball spirograph? This attempt wasn’t very good: But I love how this one turned out: Wrapping the black and figuring out the math on this one took the longest.112 Pokeball Spirograph

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Starting my blanket

So in my WIPocalypse post, I mentioned that I had gotten an afghan to stitch on, and few days ago, I started it!

This is the first square finished:


When I had originally designed the layout, I thought there were 25 squares, but I laid it out and discovered there were only 20. It’s okay, though, because once I rearranged the patterns, I found that I could even add one! So now there are 14 to do…well 13 left :)

I’ll be working on the next square for IHSW. I hope I can finish it in that time.

I’ve also been working on adding new items to my shop. Go check it out!

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Stitching Spirographs

When I was little, I loved drawing with the little toys that help you draw perfect spirographs. So when I found this tutorial about a year ago, I knew I had to try it. I haven’t gotten around to it till now, but I love the results.

This was my very first attempt:

Purple SpirographI chose purple because it’s Frank’s favorite color and both of our school colors (complete coincidence, different schools). It was alright. I like the way the colors looked together, but I was a bit lazy with executions, so it was a little bendy at the end. The center of the circle is about the size of a nickle, for reference.

I tried something different with the outside border for the second attempt. This time it was made with my favorite color, orange.

Orange Spirograph

I absolutely adore the way these colors blend together. I think I’ll do these colors again, but maybe do it so that the orange gets darker and then lighter, so the same amount of colors, just thinner sections.

I really want to try these with variegated colors and see how that turns out. There are also smaller circles that I have left over, and I’d like to try some smaller ones too. It was frustrating at first because there’s a bit of math and trial-and-error, but the results are really fun.

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“Remember who you are…”

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while. There’s a story behind it.

Frank…does things to my face. He’ll run his hand down my face and say “Horse pet” (or just pet my nose with two fingers and say “miniature horse pet”). There are others, but the one he like the most is secretly licking his thumb, and then running it across my forehead saying “simbaaa” like Rakifi in Lion King.


I get him back enough, don’t worry.

Anyway, it inspired me to want to stitch the Simba painting. While I can pretty much do what ever I want in terms of what I stitch, I sometimes put off projects that I’d like to do for ones I want to do more. Then and opportunity to force myself to do this project arose when Sprite Stitch announced that this month’s challenge is Zodiac. I didn’t think about it at first, but then I realized that my sign, Leo, is a lion, duh. So…it’ll count, right?

So here he is:

108 Simba

At first, I just lest the stitch, but then I thought something was missing, so I added the background. It’s very similar to exactly the same as one I did for a minimalist project. I think it fits each one, but in a different way.

Working on my blanket and weather projects now, so that will be using most of my time :D

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Which cookies? Witch cookies!

Getting into the Halloween spirit!

Last night, I took a break from stitching for like 10 minutes to make some witch hat shaped cookies. I think they turned out pretty well.

Oreos, orange icing, Hershey’s Kiss and part of a candy corn. They’re a cavity on a plate, but they’re good, so I made 20 and brought them in for the cast. I think if I make them again I’ll replace the Oreos with those fudge drizzled cookies Keebler makes. Still cute :)

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WIPocalypse October 2014

Whew. So the last month has been a whirlwind, as you can imagine. I stitched a little, but not much.

So, first the Topic.

Are you a Halloween or Christmas stitcher?

Mmm. Christmakkah, I guess. I haven’t done any actual “themed” stitches of either holiday yet, but I have stitched gifts for the gift-giving holiday.

I have a couple tiny kits for Christmas (where are all the Hanukkah ones?), but I have some HUGE projects in the works for this contract.

Now, speaking of big projects, I am sad to say that my big Harry Potter Lightning Bolt project has been scrapped for now. :/ I measured wrong, and the fabric turned out to be too small. However, I have not scrapped the idea, so I am going to order fabric that same color and try it again. The good news is that I was only about 1/10 in (which was only about 1000 stitches…which is a lot, but whatevs).

So, new projects. I have three major projects I’m starting this month (because I’m a crazy person).

The first one is a neat little project that I copied from was inspired by another member on Sprite Stitch. For every day of the year, I’ll stitch on line of 20 stitches with a color coordinating with the temperature high (in degrees Fahrenheit) from that day.


It doesn’t look like much now, but I hope to be caught up by the time I get to the ship.

The only thing that bothers me about this project is that I’m not sure how to justify starting it in 2014. Now, it is the year I got married, but is that good enough? We got married at basically the end of the year. He proposed in 2013, January, so that would make more sense, or 2006 January, when we first started actually being a couple… I dunno…I feel like I should go back and weather document our entire relationship lol… Or maybe the year we finally got married is enough.

And I’m entering it into the town fair.

The next two I haven’t started yet, but they’re gonna be big. And monochromatic. One is a Hobbit piece that I’m excited about, because Frank loves Tolkien. The pattern wasn’t difficult to come up with so I’ll probably share it after I’m finished.

Then I have this:


I’ve wanted to get an afghan to stitch on for a while, but I could not justify spending the money while we were in wedding mode. Then, Frank’s mother, who’d picked up cross stitching very very briefly, presented one to me out of the package, but never used. *angel noises*

This will be a glorious Portal Blanket. And is the reason I could not pack my Doctor Who exploding TARDIS blanket. Worth it.

Lastly, as some may have noticed, the blog went through a redesign in the last few days. I posted before about having designed a logo of sorts for…whatever this is…not really a business, not just a blog? Anyway, seeing as all I had was a SUPER rough idea of the logo, and I wanted something a bit more highres, I asked my sister to redraw the masks and needle for me, and the result is awesome.

You can see her other work here, and like her Facebook here.

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Wedding Stitches: Part 9

Part nine? Out of eight? Whaaa…….?

Yeah, as I was making all of the centerpieces, I was also secretly making a sampler for Frank as a surprise. Quite a feat, considering that we lived in the same tiny cabin for 6 months, and worked together most of the time.

Frank’s favorite game series is Legend of Zelda. I have made SO MANY OF THESE. So many, that I vowed not to make any more.

I lied.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI started this before I met our officiant, and she does not look remotely like the LoZ old man…ah well.

The other sprites are only slightly modified original Zelda sprites.

Done on 14 ct black aida.

Now, I’ve posted these to SpriteStitch (because I’m super proud of these and I like to show off a bit :D), and I got featured on the main blog page! I certainly didn’t expect it, and it accelerated my post schedule a bit, but I’m excited about it.

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