Steotchalong 2016:Pattern 5

I finished this one pretty quickly, actually, and worked on some other stuff this week. And that was before I got the day off for being in a semi-serious accident! (I’m fine.)

Anyway, my first though was “Man, I have never been chastised by a cross stitch pattern before”:


It’s not hard to not play Pokemon Go on the ship due to no internet.

Here’s last week’s progress!

There’s a lot more gold this week…

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A quick post for a quick stitch!

Inspired by PokémonGo (even though I can only play it like once a week…booo), I stitched up a couple things and made them into earrings!

I’m going to list them on etsy when I get a better picture:)

Don’t worry, I’m still working on the Steotchalong!

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Mystery Steotchalong 2016: Pattern 4

I have people at work that are pretty invested in my progress of this piece. We have a kids show every 4 or 5 days (depending on the cruise) and one of the people n the show watches my progress pretty passionately.

So here’s pattern 4 finished:

And here’s how I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be:

Giving us a mystery pattern upside down? Tricksy bastards. So with the finish of this pattern, I’m going to agree with the forums and say that it’s Tyrion and the Lannister sigil. I can’t wait for the quotes😀

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Mystery Steotchalong 2016

I’m finally caught up with the patterns!
This is what I have so far, just having finished pattern 3:

Pattern 4 looks like it’ll be nice and easy (besides the gold…why did I opt for the metallic again??), which is good because I actually have a lot of real work to do this week. (Why do props keep breaking??)

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Steotchalong 2016: The Beginning

It’s that time again! Time to stitch something for 2 months that I have absolutely no idea how it’s supposed to look at the end. 

It actually started like 2 1/2 weeks ago, but I just signed on a new ship and I’ve been a little busy with a handover. I fell a wee bit behind. 

So like last year, I decided a grid would be the best way to start out:

And then I got to work. This was when I thought I’d finished pattern 1:

About a quarter through pattern 2, I realized that the brown blob was ten stitches too low…boo. So I ripped it all out…and then in a fit of tired frustration, I thought I’d made a mistake in ripping all the stitches out, restitched them, and then realized again that I was wrong in the first place. 


So, finally last night I finished pattern 2:

I’m hoping to be finished with pattern 3 this weekend so on Monday I can get started straight away with pattern 4. 

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Spooky Trees

The first thing I built for my internship in Alaska was for a Young Performers Theatre production of Wizard of Oz. I was tasked to design and build trees for the Haunted Forest.

My first designs:


They were nixed for being too complicated to jigsaw out of luan. Fair enough. I liked them, though, so I started embroidering one:


I might do the others some time.

Here are my approved drawings:


Simple. So now, the building of the trees and their wheeled bases:




Then we had to paint them. My TD has a foam paint roller that he carved for a bark effect.






And I took a terrible picture of them in use:


And that was the first carpentry job I had in my internship:)




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Seasons of Virginia

This was a project that was pretty long in the works. I found one variegated thread color that I thought would look perfect as a fall season stitch, and then I was on a mission to match threads with the rest of the seasons. I found them, and then needed to find them again when I was the victim of a strange robbery. I left my apartment door unlocked, and some kids that were staying in the building (at least I think it was the kids…it makes the most sense…) came in while I was sleeping and took…only the threads I had laid out. Not any money, not the aida fabric, not any electronics…just those four skeins of thread.

Anyway, when I finally got the replacements (big thanks to for their fast shipping, even to Alaska!), I got started.

The end result:


I think they turned out pretty well:)

I’m entering them into the fair this year.

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Brighten up the room!

In a previous post, I wrote about the “Open When” package I sent out. I made a second set of things for this package.

For this, I made some faux stained glass out of some note cards and lighting gel that had been put in the throw away pile.

012 Triforce


013 Pokeball


014 Majora's Mask


The cuts aren’t the best because I only had a dull exacto knife, and a crappy plywood board to cut on. I don’t think they look that bad at a distance:)

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30for30crafting May

So, I’m finally finished with my internship, and I have a couple days before I go back to a ship.

At the beginning of last month, I was very ambitious with my stitching plan, and tried to do the 30for30crafting, which is promising yourself that you will craft for 30 minutes a day for 30 days in a row. It was okay…for the first half of the month, and then shit hit the fan a little bit. So I let it fall by the wayside for the last two weeks because it wasn’t a priority.

But I did get a few good ones in. I got quite a bit of work done in the LOTR piece.

So, apparently this is the last update I posted about this:


And look at it now:


That’s Gimli started there!

I also did some other things when I was otherwise inspired.

This was when I tried to embroider a dandelion head:


I feel pretty solidly “meh” about that piece.

And this one was for an internet friend who caught a lot of internet flak accidentally:


She’s into finger guns.

This one was my Star Wars Day contribution:


I’ll iron that at some point.

And my contribution to Towel Day:


I know it’s not a towel…the sentiment is there, plus I’ve started a towel which I’ll post later.

Later next week, I’m going to start posting some of the stuff I built while I was in Alaska. I might even post on my travel blog lol

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Perfume Pillow

Frank and I have been apart for a couple months now. He did come to visit, but it makes me sad to be apart from him. So I made him an “Open When” package. That’s when you send a big box full of small packages and letters for the other person to open when they fit a certain criteria. For example: “Open when you’re feeling sad” with an uplifting note and a chocolate bar or “Open when you have a sweet tooth” full of his favorite candy.

I didn’t post this before because he hadn’t opened that box yet, and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise!

So, I made a couple things for this box, and the first thing I made was this little pillow:

195 Heart Pillow

This was the first stuffed thing I’ve ever made, and I sprayed the stuffing with my perfume. I really need to work on closing stuffed things, but I think it was okay for my fist time.

Also, I’ve been using variegated floss quite a bit lately (as will be seen in later posts). This off-brand thread has color changes that are a little too sudden for my taste usually, but I kinda like the semi-symmetrical look here.

The pattern is from Daily Cross Stitch. The backing is purple felt. I would have made a bigger pillow, but as I mentioned in the last post, the busy-ness has been consuming me.

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