Me too.

TW: Sexual assault and violence.

Several months ago, a friend of mine from college put out a call for art reflecting the #metoo movement. I was one person that answered the call. So I put out my own call to real people to give me quotes from their #metoo moments, if they were comfortable sharing it. I was clear about what it would be used for.

The most fucked up thing is that I talk about my “moment,” and I say I’m lucky (!) because mine was not physically sexual, only emotional/psychological and one weird minor physical assault. It’s truly not nearly as bad as it could have been, and I would obviously react differently now than I did in school.

I designed this piece with all those other women in mind. I can’t say that I loved working on this project; it was heavy. But I am glad that I’ve done it.

So I finished it a couple months ago, but was sitting on it so that the unveiling of this piece would be at the performance this was originally for. However, recent events have really brought out some feelings, and I want to share this piece a little early.

Me Too


If you can, take a look at some close ups.

This was stitched on 14 count aida with DMC threads.


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Vine Stitch 5: What do you want to eat?


Alright, I lied. More Vine stitches! Super simple.


I actually have a few more planned, and at some point I’d like to make a collage with all of them and an accompanying compilation.   The Steotchalong is supposed to start soon, though, so it may just be a part of the ever-growing queue I have lined up

Based on this vine:



Stitched on 14 count aida with DMC threads.

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Meme Stitch 3

I’m really on a meme kick lately, if that wasn’t obvious. This one took me a bit to finish because of work.

My fellow stitchers, how many times have well-meaning strangers asked you about your “knitting” or “crocheting”? I know it happen a lot to me when I’m stitching out in the wild.

So this one is for the non-crafters that pretend to be interested in my grandma craft.


Stitched on 14 count blue Charles Craft Aida and DMC thread.

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Vine Stitch 4: RUN

I think this might be the last one for a while, but I’m basically stitching my Vine compilation. This video is so stupid, but it makes me laugh every time.

Run Umbrella

I modeled the umbrella off of a Parasol Lady sprite from one of the Pokémon games.

Based on this Vine:

Stitched on 14 count with DMC threads.

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Vine Stitch 3: Definitely Not Weed

Carrying on with the current theme, I’ve made another Vine stitch. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who thinks this stitch is funny, though.



A mix of classic surrealism and modern absurdism that I find just delightful.

Based on this Vine:

Stitched on 14 count with DMC threads.

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Vine Stitch 2: Road Work

So a while back I did a Vine stitch for Frank, based on his favorite Vine. Lately, late at night when we want to watch something, but we don’t want to commit to a movie or tv show, we put on vine compilations. We’ve watched so many. So. Many. There are some that always, always make us laugh, so I did what I do: cross stitch it!

Literally one of my favorites:


So simple.

Based on this Vine:

Stitched on 14 count with DMC threads.

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Meme Stitch 2

I haven’t been posting much, and that mostly because of work. We get SUPER busy near the end of the year because everyone wants to squish their last performance in before finals, and then we host a few graduations. I had 4 weeks in a row where I worked every day with no day off. That’s child’s play in ship time, but I haven’t been on a ship in almost 2 years now! So I was tired. And I wasn’t doing much stitching to be honest.

It’s been a while since I stitched a meme. Well, not that long, if you count the Vine stitch

Anyway, I’ve been working on something pretty heavy for a while (that will be in a show, so I don’t want to post it before then), and after I finished it, I really wanted to do something just…ridiculous. So, I came up with a ridiculous pattern, and stitched it over the long weekend.

Mocking Spongebob

I know this meme is old, but I came across it again recently, and really wanted to connect it to cross stitch. We’re not all grandmas! I’m not even 30 yet! I fretted a bit about some of the colors and experimented with fractional stitches before I remembered that I was doing a ridiculous project. And after all that, I think it turned out okay, whole stitches and all!

There’s another silly project in the pipeline before I have to get back to the Avatar piece (I’m only like 10,000 stitches in!), and I’m sure the Steotch-a-long is coming up.

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Exposure don’t pay the bills

Update 5/1: DMC officially changed its contest policy! We did it! They are now offering a $500 prize and looking into better ways to link to artists’ portfolios.

Update 4/30: My designs were featured on the Craft Industry Alliance blog!

So work has gotten crazy busy. We’re getting into the end of the semester, so there’s an event every day, and we’re gearing up for graduation. Also, I’m working on a project that I don’t really want to post until it’s finished.

Something came up, though, in one of my facebook groups that hits a bit close to home. This article describes a contest by the large embroidery company DMC. They ask designers to turn in patterns, for which they will receive minimal credit, and no compensation. Artists on Instagram are responding accordingly:

In solidarity, I’m bringing back this piece:

Credit for the phrase to Q2Q Comics!

I have 4 free patterns in this vein here. Go forth, and create. Share your finished work with me on tumblr or instagram!

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IHSW: March 2018

I had the WHOLE weekend off of work!


I made…

…this circle.

Saturday was “Adventure Day” for the dogs (Vet and then training class), and then Sunday I made that circle. Frank’s not feeling super well, so we spent the day watching Netflix/Hulu/Prime/Youtube.

Also, why didn’t I start watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend before?

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Bag Badges!

Last month, I wrote a couple of times about some bag badges I was making. Well, they’re done, and have been in the wild for about a week!

The first ones I made (and have been wanting to make for a looooong time) were the Kanto Badges:

233 Pokemon Badges

I LOVE how they came out!! (Don’t tell the others, but these are my favorites 🙂 ) They’re directly based on the badge sprites from the original Pokemon Red/Blue.

Since I had two packs of Velcro dots, I made a couple more for me. One was Annoying Dog, from Undertale (if you haven’t played that game yet…get on it. If you’ve only played it once, play it again!):

234 Annoying Dog Badge

He makes a great guardian for my bag.

Next was an obvious choice. I’ve made this little pattern before. Harry Potter is one of my favorite series of all time!

235 Hogwarts Badge

Next, I made some for Frank, as he also has a Velcro bag, but from BlizzCon. His request was for the Spiritual Stones from Ocarina of Time:

236 Spiritual Stone Badges

The patterns are ones I found ages ago on SpriteStitch.

I had a few Velcro dots left, so I decided to make a couple more badges for us. What better companion than a Companion Cube?

237 Companion Cube Badges

So we each got one of those.

All of the badges we backed with felt via ModPodge, and then sealed with ModPodge. I left the center of the felt backing unsealed to attach the Velcro. The Velcro I used were some ovals with sticky backs especially for fabric.

Here’s his bag with all his badges! (The WoW one came with the bag lol)

And my ThinkGeek Bag of Holding!

This isn’t an advert for them, but I seriously LOVE this bag. I carry my Surface and current project EVERYWHERE in it. It’s well loved.

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