Murphy’s Law for Backstage

So, the last post was about a big WIP that is in danger of being set aside pretty often for smaller projects. (Omigosh…I haven’t worked on my blanket in MONTHS!)

Here’s one of those smaller projects!

Jinxes Always

It’s a bittersweet joke about the things that get granted in our theater. Problem after problem seems to arise, even when we think we’ve squashed them all out. We are keeping up with them for the most part; we haven’t had to cancel but one show, and we find workarounds for the real problems. It just casts a shadow over your job when you feel like you are only just keeping up.

Wood knocking is constant.

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New Big Start

It’s been a while since I posted a WIP of a big piece, But I started one a while back. I keep getting ideas for smaller pieces, and putting it aside. Quite a bit has gotten done in the last few days, though, and it’s starting to look less like a bunch of black lines.

It’s a pattern I made from the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring silhouette image.

It’s about the same number of stitches as the Cucco piece, but because it is only one color, I believe it will take less time. That will become more and more untrue as I keep thinking of smaller projects that I’d like to do, and I keep putting this one aside. That’s what I ended up doing with Cuccos. It’s easier to work on the smaller ones while I’m at work, doing the “hurry-up-and-wait” thing. Anyway, I hope to have it done…ooh, middle of next contract? :D

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Whole-Ass One Thing

In this part three of what has become my Swanson Series, I present to you my favorite one, which is also the smallest: IMG_1526 “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing” Solid advice for anyone. I think I’ll take a break from embroidery for a while, and stick with cross stitch. Got a big project I’ve started and will post about soon.

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Ron Swanson’s Advice for Success

I realize that I’ve been quiet recently, we were repositioning the ship, and that took two weeks. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been stitching! 

I suppose this is a part two, of sorts, following another embroidery piece I did with some Swanson advice

“Give 100%. 110% is impossible; only idiots recommend that.”

I love that quote, because usually the people who are asking for more than your all are idiots…or covering for something they screwed up. A good leader would trust his team to give 100% anyway, and do their best because they take pride in their work. 

I like Ron Swanson’s advice, because it’s blunt to the point of being rude sometimes, but it’s usually right. Except for burying your gold. I don’t do that.  

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Head On

In the wake of the frustration with the last piece I worked on, I am pleased to say that this commissioned piece is one I was excited to work on. 

In our line of work, on a ship or anywhere else, we create relationships quickly and fiercely. I think I’ve mentioned this before. First impressions are generally the only ones we allow to penetrate our judgement, and because we all work so closely together for such long periods of time, often those first impressions are a few days long. Several weeks ago (has it really only been weeks? All the daysweekshoursmonths run together), our new manager signed onboard, and we bonded pretty quickly…partly due to mutual hatreds of people things, but mostly because we’re the same in a lot of ways. 

Anyway, she commissioned a piece from me, and this is what I’ve come up with for her:

It kind of summed up my feelings for the past week, as well, so it was easy to get excited about this one. I also really like the yellow aida. I’ll have to use it more. 

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Carnival Commission

Recently, my Cruise Director approached me about making him a stitch. I thought he was kidding at first, and didn’t give much thought to it. I kept working on my own stuff. He asked me about it a few days later, and I casually mentioned payment, to which he replied “Oh, I’ll pay you.” Alright, commission born.

127 Skip

He recently got a promotion to a newly created position in the company, so we decided to celebrate that.

Such corporate. Very nameplate.

Update: He signed off the ship without paying me, despite multiple conversations, a price that was more than fair, and real-life invoices…Never again. New title: Unwilling Gift.

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Trading Stitch Game Part 2

I did an Eevee card for Frank, so I did my favorite Pokémon for myself: Growlithe!


Obligatory comparisons:

I actually kind of like the color limits on both of these babies. There are other versions of at least the Growlithe card where the background has blue sky and whatnot, but I enjoyed a four color palette for a change. I changed a lot of colors in my original pattern for the Cubone I just did to try and simplify it, and it was still like 9 colors!

Also, I completed the outlines of both this and the Eevee card during a class called SCC, Survival Craft Course. I thought I would get in trouble at first, but they didn’t care as long as I seemed to be paying attention and I could answer the questions correctly. (One day, I’ll get around to posting about that on Backstage Travels…)

Ideally, I’d like to frame these along with an actual Pokémon card that matches. That won’t happen until I get home, at least, but it’ll be a nice project.

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Trading Stitch Game

So, I said in one of my last posts that I was on a Pokémon kick. It’s true. I did three in a row. It may or may not have something to do with ORAS coming out….(it did). Frank had actually never played the third gen before, so I was excited to have him play. However, like most weeks this contract, something needed our attention at work, and our 3DSs went uncharged and unplayed…until recently when Majora’s Mask came out, lol. Still, Poké-inspired and needing a project, I looked around at some of the recent this people have been stitching, and came up with the idea to stitch Pokémon cards based on our favorites :) So, that meant an Eevee for Frank.


I really wanted an old school feel, so I went for the original TCG GameBoy game.

How does it compare to the real thing?

I think it turned out pretty good.

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PokéPuns! (or, Tickling Your Funny Cubone)

Lately I’ve been looking around my life and the internet for stitchable puns. They are surprisingly hard to find, as I don’t just want to stitch a bunch of words as a pun…

But this pun is one of my all-time favorites, as it is both a pun and more nerdy than usual. The addition of a Pokémon makes it that much better.

124 Cubone Pun


Isn’t that hilarious? Trick question. It is hilarious. Every day.

Update: The pattern is now available in my Free Patterns section!

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IHSW February 2015

Ahhhhh….. It has been more than a whole month since I posted last. It’s unfortunate, because I’ve actually finished a couple things and have a few more on the horizon. I won’t post the finished things just yet, because I didn’t technically finish them during IHSW. I did start a new little piece because I’m on a pokemon kick lately, as you’ll see when I post the other finished ones :)

I’ve started a little Cubone.


It will have a caption later. But this ship is pretty busy, so I’ve had little time to hermit and stitch. In fact, some of my “hermitting” is sneaking in a couple stitches between shows.

Next post will be a little more exciting :)

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