Winter Sunset

So, a few weeks ago, I saw a beautiful sunset as we were driving home from…somewhere.

The photo is blurry because we were driving, and my phone doesn’t correct shakey-hands.


The combination of this sight and some REALLy nice hand dyed floss from the etsy shop MadXStitcher inspired me to create this:

193 Sunset

The floss used here is DMC 310, MXS 144 Candlelight, MXS 142 Packed Ice, and the red and orange one is one I got in a reject grab bag I got from the shop (I have soooo many of those grab bags now….), but I think the closest non-reject/non-discontinued color is MXS 106 Starburst.

A fun little project with variegated floss. I have a couple more ideas for that kind of floss coming up, plus I ordered one of their kits, which I’m excited to try out.

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Secret Santa Redux!

When I did the Reddit Secret Santa, I never received anything from my original match, so I signed up for the Rematch. In doing so, though, I felt that I should also be a Rematcher, because the feeling of being forgotten (even during a busy season like December) sucks.

I did get stuff from my Rematch Santa:

Very thoughtful! Craft stuff and a Parks and Rec mug!

The person I got was a woodworker who just moved house with his family. And he liked XBox. I got him a woodburning pen, which I was on the fence about, but he said he loved it, and had been thinking of getting one anyway!

Then, even after I gave a pretty good gift, I couldn’t resist making one more holiday gift project. (I shouldn’t be posting this because my giftee hasn’t posted yet, but I know he’s gotten it and it’s been like 3 weeks…)

182 Home Sweet Home Acheivement

I played on the Xbox achievements to celebrate the fact that he and his family moved into their own house for the first time. I loved making this pattern, and I think I’d like to make a whole series: Home, Kids, Marriage, Job, etc.

I would have liked to find a smaller frame, but I was on a bit of a time crunch. I am pleased with how it came out, though.

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More Fun with Shrinky Dinks (and other crafts)

The other day, Frank and I had a choice. We could watch the broken dog for the day (he has stitches, and acts like a puppy, so he can get unruly and also try to take the stitches out), or watch our 4 year old niece for the day. Frank chose poorly. The dog ended up being drugged all day, and we had a hyper child.

Anyway, to channel some of that energy, I took her to the craft shop to “help me pick” some stuff to do, that I’d already had picked out. I made her some sewing cards from print-outs online and yarn I already had, and I tried to interest her in a toilet paper roll bracelet, but those got mixed reviews.

We colored for a while, and I drew a tree and some branches for her to make a couple button trees! (I can’t really draw trees, so…)

She picked out where to put the buttons, and I glued them for her.

Now, she knows how to spell her name, and she knows how to write letters, but she flat-out refused to write her name for some reason, so I let her scribble on a Shrinky Dink page, and then traced her hand over the scribbles:

And then we gave it to her mother when she came to pick her up. Originally I wanted have Alaina (my niece) write her own name and make it into a necklace, but this was cute too.

I made something for myself, too! Inspired by an acrylic piece I saw somewhere, I made this:


I think I might make it again, but with the clear pages…maybe. But I think it’s cute!

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Reddit Secret Santa!

So this year last year I joined the Reddit Secret Santa. I pretty much knew I was going to stitch something for my giftee, but what? I needed info from them first. I was anxious. I signed up even before I got off the ship, and got the info, but I did truly start brainstorming until I was off the ship for a couple days… I got off the ship on the 7th, and the due date was the 11th! So I had to hurry.

She was really into the make-up scene on reddit, so I decided to do a compact mirror and her favorite color is teal/turquios, so I decided to stitch up her initial:

180 A Mirror

The “A” came from a book on alphabets, and I just adjusted it for a rounder frame.

The nest one was my favorite to do. She said she liked Tiny Fey and Amy Poheler. I also love them. While looking through appropriate quotes, my eyes kept falling on the same one, and so:

181 Bitches Get Stuff Done

I REALLY like this one…like, I might make one for myself one of these days…

It took a little longer than I expected for her to post about them, but when she did, she said she loved them! So I was happy :D

This was the last of the stitches I completed in 2015. Bring it on, New Year!

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Wooden Dragon

So, due to a combination on laziness and busy-ness, I still haven’t posted everything that I stitched and finished in 2015. There are only a couple left, here we go.

I love – LOVE – those little wooden pendants that you can stitch on. You would never know it, because I haven’t stitched on one yet. Well, now I have!

I chucked out the pattern that came with it, and put a dragon on it instead!

179 Dragon Necklace

I love the way floss looks on the wood :D I think I’ll be maing more of these in 2016.

On another note, my little Cerberus stitch won me a First-Place Gold Star on SpriteStitch, as well as a BMH Stamp of Approval! (Never mind that there were only two entries…) It’s a small thing, but it makes me happy.

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Nice and Simple

A while ago, I picked up a blank pendant to put a cross stitch piece in. It took me forever to decide what to put in it, because it had to be small. In the end, I decided to put something plain and simple, and if I wanted something more specific, I could always make another one.

178 Flower Necklace

I wore it a couple of times on the ship, and I’ve worn it quite a lot since I got home. I think it makes a great addition to a simple sweater or dress :)

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Dark Knight Necklace

We’ve been home on vacation for about three weeks now. It’s nice. Now that Chrismakkah has passed, we get a bit of a reprieve on seeing people for a while. Last time we were home, we only had 21 days to do everything that needed to be done while we were home, including seeing family, so we didn’t have much time for friends. We haven’t seen some people since our wedding last September.

One of those people was the woman who was Frank’s Best Man. She works in California, so we can’t see her that often, besides the fact that we work in the middle of the ocean. She came home to visit family, though, and we got to see her for lunch!

She loves Batman, and so I was planning to make something like this for her at some point. The problem with this was that I started it about 8 PM the night before we were going to meet her, and I didn’t finish till about 2 AM. I was very sleepy when I finished it, but I think it turned out well!

177 Batman Necklace

I adjusted the original pattern I found for it because with an odd number of stitches across, it would have been slightly lopsided as a pendant with no middle hole for the jump ring.

I have made a few necklaces recently, and there will be more posts soon! The holidays were just crazy-pants!

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Hanukkah Gifts for my Bestie

My best friend and I have known each other since I was in 8th grade (and she was in 7th). We did newspaper, algebra, chemistry, and most notably, band together. Even after I moved away, we were still pretty close; she was the maid of honor at my wedding. Needless to say, we know a lot about each other and have a bunch of inside jokes.

She, like Frank, LOVES penguins. I made him one a long time ago, with the colors for his university. So I made one for her with UNC colors, which was where she got her undergrad degree.

175 UNC Penguin

And as mentioned before, we have a bunch of inside jokes. This one was spawned by our joint chemistry class.


It’s a bit NSFW, so the non-edit is after the jump

Continue reading

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Beautiful Scraps

After finishing my last project, I had some scraps of black aida that I just couldn’t bring myself to throw away.

I decided I wanted to make them into bracelets, and I looked for small designs like blackwork and borders to use as bracelet designs. Frank didn’t like any of them. That’s okay, I’ll use them anyway on different bracelets. But I wanted this one to be special, so I designed my own little pattern, and made a Portal-themed bracelet.

IMG_2195 (2)

It was a bit difficult to stitch the “hem” part, due to the fact that the piece was a scrap and already small.



I’m looking to make more of these as soon as the holidays are over :)


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Cast Gifts: Carnival Edition

It is my last cruise. It’s also the last cruise for my cast as well. I’ve been with some of the cast members for two ships now. So I’ve been working with some of them for 13 months, and some for only 6.5 months. Either way, living on a ship for half a year gets you as close as close gets. 

I’ve written about cast gifts before; I like making them, and I think I made the cast manager cry. 

I clandestinely asked everyone’s favorite color and designed it based on the logo for Carnival’s production team. Then I asked my sister (who has access to an oven and printer) to make little charms with all the logos of all the shows that we’ve worked together on. Originally, I was going to make charm bracelets, but the charms ended up being a bit bigger than I anticipated. I like this better anyway. 


Playlist – Chantelle


Playlist – Thomas


Playlist – Lauren


Playlist – Katelyn


Playlist – Matt


Playlist – Mathew


Playlist – Tara


Playlist – David

I think they all turned out pretty well :) I’ll miss these guys. 

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