WIPocalypse 2019: Intro!

SMH, already late. Well, it’s better than last year, when I just…..stopped doing all the SALs I said I would.

I have like 5 projects in my “current WIP” pile, let alone the actual pile of WIPS I have going on. I have the Steotchalong to finish, a theatre piece inspired by the last show I did, 2 Vine stitches, and the A:tLA piece. I’m aiming to finish a couple of them this month. Frank really wants me to work on the A;tLA piece again. My mom got me a Lowry workstand for Christmas!

It’s going to be tough though, I haven’t been feeling well, and I haven’t done a lot of stitching all year yet. I’m working on my motivation, and hopefully I’ll be stitching in no time!

The next few posts are going to be about Chrismakkah gifts, though, because that’s how I spent, like, ALL of December.

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Christmas Vine Stitch

It’s Tech Week for this show that I wasn’t really wasn’t doing anything for…but now I’m designing and programming lights. I don’t even get home early enough to light our menorah for any real length of time. This means the Steotchalong has be put a little on the backburner until I get a minute for myself. I’m also trying to make a bunch of Christmas/Hanukkah/Birthday presents.

I do have something for the season though! I’m still on a Vine kick…even with Tumblr news. Social media’s dying off all over the place!

This was stitched on Forrest Green DMC aida with hand-dyed floss by MadXStitcher. I’m not sure how I feel about the thread choice for this project, to be honest, but it was quick project, so I could do it in a bright red (or greet on red aida lol) really quick.

See me just quoting this Vine all December.

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Steotchalong 6: Thanksgiving Break

Not much to add this week; just a little around the borders. I’m grateful thankful for the tiny update, though. I finished it early and I’ve been spending the extra time playing Let’s Go Eevee working on some other projects.

I like this border. I may use it for another piece in the future.

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Steotchalong 6: Week 5 and Scavenger Hunt

I finished this week’s and even did this week’s challenge: a scavenger hunt! I love scavenger hunts. So much. I did one once for a secret santa, and I had so much fun making it, and the riddles! This one didn’t have any riddles, but it was fun nonetheless!

1: Take a pic of your WIP with something geeky.

Well, I just so happen to own a Hufflepuff bathrobe and an official Harry Potter wand, so this was obvious for me.

Swish and flick, bitches.

2: Take a pic of you WIP with something sexy.

Had to get Frank in on this one.

Naughty, naughty….

It was so hard to keep the dogs occupied while we got the shot right before we went to bed…

3: Take a pic of your WIP with something wholesome.

Well, I can’t think of anything more wholesome than a couple of pup-siblings hanging out with a warm, homemade dog blanket, can you?

Such cuties…

4: Take a pic of your WIP with something expensive.

Well, any Millenial knows what the most expensive item they own is…

I’ll be paying this baby off 5EVER….

5: Take a pic of your WIP with something dangerous.

This one took a bit of planning. Clearly, I’m more of a backstage stitcher, but what about 60 feet up, in the grid?

Scary, scary!

I’m not usually afraid of heights, but I hate the grid.

Week 5 has been completed, and I’ve actually been able to work on a little something on the side this week!

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Steotchalong 6: Week 4

I actually finished this one on time! Early, even! I finished it on Monday. The reason I didn’t post about it before was because of this week’s challenge: do your civic duty. Which was Tuesday. I’m proud to say that I did vote, and pestered everyone around me to do the same.


After that, work got kinda busy, so here I am, looking like I finished just under the wire. As I add more colors, I feel like my colors look like they were picked out by Lisa Frank herself. I may do a second one in my original palate, which was going to be shades of black, so it wouldn’t be out of place in a theatre lol.

There are some good guesses coming out of this week, a couple of which I agree with. I’m excited to see the next pattern drop!

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Steotchalong 6: Spoopy Week (Week 3)

Ahhh still behind a bit. But, I’ve finished week 3, and the challenge for this week!

This week’s challenge was to submit something scary with your WIP. The scariest thing around our house is also one of the cutest.

Confession time. While Tidus has chewed on a WIP before, this picture was super staged. It took forever to get him to put this piece of fabric in his mouth. He must have learned from when he got in trouble before. He’s a good puppy. (If you like this precious pup, he and his sister, Maddie, have an instagram.)

I then finally finished Week 3:

Let’s get on to Week 4!

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Steotchalong 6: Week 2

I’m a little late on Week 2, but I’m getting caught up now. Two new challenges were introduced: one is a challenge where all the members of the team (or as many people as possible) stitch on one piece, and another was a Take Your Stitch To Work Day.

I was running sound for an event that day, so this was my submission:

My friend Melissa and I work at the same place, so we did a bit of a photo shoot at one of our theatres in some downtime

I’m designing a cute stitch for us all to work on, and hopefully we’ll get to all meet up soon.

As for my week two finish, here it is:

I decided to change my fourth color, and go with an orange rather than a green, especially looking at the upcoming pattern. I will hopefully finish this week’s pattern more quickly, though work is getting a little rough lately.

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Steotchalong Year 6: The Stitchening.

I have a few things in the works right now, but…THE STEOTCHALONG IS HERE!

This year is SO DIFFERENT! Teams this year, and we don’t even get assigned colors! So, I’ve convinced my coworkers to join, and then they convinced a couple people, and we’re

I spent FOREVER picking out my colors, but I knew I wanted to do something really different this year. Different for me, anyway. I wanted to dye my own fabric this year. And so I did. My final choices:

Fabric by me, one skein hand-dyed by MadXStitcher, and the rest by DMC. Let’s get this started! (Not using a grid this year! Gulp!)

I’m really excited to see where this goes!

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Me too.

TW: Sexual assault and violence.

Several months ago, a friend of mine from college put out a call for art reflecting the #metoo movement. I was one person that answered the call. So I put out my own call to real people to give me quotes from their #metoo moments, if they were comfortable sharing it. I was clear about what it would be used for.

The most fucked up thing is that I talk about my “moment,” and I say I’m lucky (!) because mine was not physically sexual, only emotional/psychological and one weird minor physical assault. It’s truly not nearly as bad as it could have been, and I would obviously react differently now than I did in school.

I designed this piece with all those other women in mind. I can’t say that I loved working on this project; it was heavy. But I am glad that I’ve done it.

So I finished it a couple months ago, but was sitting on it so that the unveiling of this piece would be at the performance this was originally for. However, recent events have really brought out some feelings, and I want to share this piece a little early.

Me Too


If you can, take a look at some close ups.

This was stitched on 14 count aida with DMC threads.


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Vine Stitch 5: What do you want to eat?


Alright, I lied. More Vine stitches! Super simple.


I actually have a few more planned, and at some point I’d like to make a collage with all of them and an accompanying compilation.   The Steotchalong is supposed to start soon, though, so it may just be a part of the ever-growing queue I have lined up

Based on this vine:



Stitched on 14 count aida with DMC threads.

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