Exposure don’t pay the bills

Update 5/1: DMC officially changed its contest policy! We did it! They are now offering a $500 prize and looking into better ways to link to artists’ portfolios.

Update 4/30: My designs were featured on the Craft Industry Alliance blog!

So work has gotten crazy busy. We’re getting into the end of the semester, so there’s an event every day, and we’re gearing up for graduation. Also, I’m working on a project that I don’t really want to post until it’s finished.

Something came up, though, in one of my facebook groups that hits a bit close to home. This article describes a contest by the large embroidery company DMC. They ask designers to turn in patterns, for which they will receive minimal credit, and no compensation. Artists on Instagram are responding accordingly:

In solidarity, I’m bringing back this piece:

Credit for the phrase to Q2Q Comics!

I have 4 free patterns in this vein here. Go forth, and create. Share your finished work with me on tumblr or instagram!

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IHSW: March 2018

I had the WHOLE weekend off of work!


I made…

…this circle.

Saturday was “Adventure Day” for the dogs (Vet and then training class), and then Sunday I made that circle. Frank’s not feeling super well, so we spent the day watching Netflix/Hulu/Prime/Youtube.

Also, why didn’t I start watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend before?

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Bag Badges!

Last month, I wrote a couple of times about some bag badges I was making. Well, they’re done, and have been in the wild for about a week!

The first ones I made (and have been wanting to make for a looooong time) were the Kanto Badges:

233 Pokemon Badges

I LOVE how they came out!! (Don’t tell the others, but these are my favorites 🙂 ) They’re directly based on the badge sprites from the original Pokemon Red/Blue.

Since I had two packs of Velcro dots, I made a couple more for me. One was Annoying Dog, from Undertale (if you haven’t played that game yet…get on it. If you’ve only played it once, play it again!):

234 Annoying Dog Badge

He makes a great guardian for my bag.

Next was an obvious choice. I’ve made this little pattern before. Harry Potter is one of my favorite series of all time!

235 Hogwarts Badge

Next, I made some for Frank, as he also has a Velcro bag, but from BlizzCon. His request was for the Spiritual Stones from Ocarina of Time:

236 Spiritual Stone Badges

The patterns are ones I found ages ago on SpriteStitch.

I had a few Velcro dots left, so I decided to make a couple more badges for us. What better companion than a Companion Cube?

237 Companion Cube Badges

So we each got one of those.

All of the badges we backed with felt via ModPodge, and then sealed with ModPodge. I left the center of the felt backing unsealed to attach the Velcro. The Velcro I used were some ovals with sticky backs especially for fabric.

Here’s his bag with all his badges! (The WoW one came with the bag lol)

And my ThinkGeek Bag of Holding!

This isn’t an advert for them, but I seriously LOVE this bag. I carry my Surface and current project EVERYWHERE in it. It’s well loved.

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Chrismakkah Presents Part 10: One for us, and two for the dogs

This is the last one from last year!

That Joann sale was really too good to pass up in any respect, so I got materials for another blanket for us too. It’s a silly little pattern, but we like games and thought it was cute. Frank chose the plaid again with a good eye for coordinating patterns.

19 Video Game Blanket

Now, I don’t think I’ve shown a picture of our pups yet, but they do have their own Instagram @maddieandtidus. I love taking pics of my pups.

I got them matching sweaters, but Tidus (the white one with a very thick coat) doesn’t really like wearing it.

Anyway, Tidus kept taking all the scrap pieces I cut off the fabric, so Frank and I gathered them and braided them into two dog toys

They liked them a lot. They didn’t last more than three months or so, but I keep finding pieces that they’re playing with.

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Chrismakkah Presents Part 9: A Silly Zelda Pun

Almost done with the gifts from last year lol

Frank saw me stitching most of the gifts for this last year (we just bought a house, we’re on a budget!), and asked what I was making him. I told him it was something silly. And it was

230 Link in Park

It’s Link, sitting on a park bench. Link in Park, see?


Anyway, the fabric was hand dyed by the lovely MadXStitcher.

Link-in-park, geddit?…

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February Round Up 2018

This past week has been just…Not Good for crafting. First it was super busy, and I had no time for anything, and then I caught *dun dun duuunnnnnn* The Flu. As a newly salaried Millennial™, I had to be told not to come in this weekend. I technically had a show, but my boss took over. Coming from ships, and hourly work, I’ve for sure worked under worse weather, so to speak. I’m running at about 80% at the time of writing, but Friday, I had no use of my nose to speak of, and the day before the only thing I could think about was my skin being sore, so it’s an improvement to just have a hacking cough, to be sure.

So, I posted about…nothing in that time. And I’m pretty sure for one of those days, I just read AskReddit literally all day. I have some posts to catch up on, so this will count (again…) for WIPocalypse, Smalls SAL, and my ORT, ah, jar.

The last two months:

I worked on A;tLA a bit:

I’d hoped to finish this boat by the end of the month. It’s about half done.

I finished a scarf to go with my wrist and ear warmers, and a hat for my husband. We can match!

The second half of this month was focused on these little patches for my bag (these count as my Smalls):

Obviously still working on the Zelda OOT ones. I’m sealing the ones that are finished today, and hopefully I can have patches tomorrow when I go back to work 🙂

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IHSW: February 2018

I like working for the state. This was a 3-day weekend! So, I incorporated Monday into my stitch weekend. As it was, my pup had a class on Saturday, and we went shopping Monday for food (finally), plus I had to get caught up on Doctor Who, so I didn’t get as much stitching done as I would have liked.

I did get some done on my A;tLA piece:

Did that whole boat tip there. Only about 2,500 more stitches left on that boat.

I did kind of get a little bored of row after row of 19 tiny blue stitches…so…my hand slipped…

These are destined to be velcro patches for my ThinkGeek Bag of Holding, which has a soft velcro front. Frank also has a similar backpack from BlizzCon, so I’m making some for him too, though he is disappointed that it takes me away from A;tLA.

The goal now is be finished with the boat at least by the end of the month…

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Chrismakkah Presents Part 8: Dog-Gone Cute

All the siblings between me and Frank have children. So far, Frank and I are the cool, artsy, jetsetting aunt and uncle. We’re okay with this.

Our niece on my side of the family belongs to my older brother and is cute as a button. She is smart, and knows that dogs are the best animal 😉


230 Hannah Dog

My brother says she likes Old English Sheepdogs (their new puppy), but I couldn’t find a pattern that I could do in the time frame.

So now a doggy nameplate hangs in her room.

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Chrismakkah Presents Part 7: Music Blanket

I don’t know why I’m taking so long to post these this year lol. It’s not like I’m on a ship or anything…


My mother and her husband have a shared love of music. Their cakemaker for the wedding made fondant sheet music for the decoration! Imagine my happiness when I found the perfect pattern, but frustration when I couldn’t find a second fabric for the backing. Frank came to the rescue with an eye for plaids, and we got the blanket made.

16 Music Blanket

My mom is ALWAYS cold, so even without the fabulous Joann’s sale, this would have been a sure thing.

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All my SALs for January 2018

I am very far behind on my SALs. I will be posting both Smalls SAL and WIPocalypse in this post, along with my TUSAL ort “jar.”

So, lets start with the progress of my A;tLA piece, which I’m also considering my Small because its just a tiny part, but it’s a little piece on its own.

Here’s what it looks like so far:

This is what I completed this month:

The little ball counts for my Small this month. Because I said so.

Remember in my WIPocalypse intro I said I was going to focus on my WIPs? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…..

I also stitched up this little sampler this month:

232 Exposure

So, the temperatures where I live (upstate NY now…) were hovering around 0° F for a while, so I got inspired to pull out the old loom knitting kit, and buy some yarn. I’ve only made hats before, and last weekend I made my first Pussy Hat:


So I branched out the other night, and made an ear warmer headband with matching fingerless gloves.

I want to make a matching scarf! I followed this video for the head band (but I added four rows because the original pattern was too skinny for my big ears), and I think I’ll make it again in different colors. This video was for the gloves.

Obviously, since I didn’t just cross stitch, my ORTs include yarn, but not that much, because I think the pup got into the yarn scraps lol

So that was my month. Hopefully I’ll do a little better with posting in the future 🙂

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