Mystery Steotchalong: Part 6

Whew! Three-fourths done with this! I can’t wait to be finished!IMG_1903

The backstitching does help with the creepiness, as I predicted. This one was super easy, and I finished it in a day, but I couldn’t finish it earlier because work was crazy busy.

There’s another mystery stitchalong that’s happening right now, and I wish I could do it. It looks like it will be really good…maybe I’ll start it anyway. But I have two swaps I’m working on right now!!! I think I might do it anyway…what is wrong with me???

(OMG…one the things I’m working on for the swap I’m so proud of, I might just remake it so I can have one myself…I’m pretty impressed with myself :D)

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Mystery Steotchalong: Part 5

Well, we’re officially more than halfway done with this project.  

 I can only imagine that there is a banner and some back stitching left. The shading is quite clever, though these blended threads are making my eyes cross. I’m glad that I’ve left the grid on this long; it’s really helped with the quarter and three-quarter stitches. 

I’m also hard at work on some swap projects. I’m so excited about these. 

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Mystery Steotchalong: Part 4

Alternatively titled: “Getting Real Tired Of Your Shit, Quarter Stitches”

Starting to see more of the characters. It’s clear that this will be a stitch of the newer StarWars, as Han looks quite a bit older than he did in Jedi

I was falling a little behind on this because I’m working about 10 hours a day in the theatre. I stitch every second of downtime while in there, but there isn’t much. 

I’m also starting to work on swap gifts! I have some of them planned out already and I’m so excited to start working on them. I won’t be able to post them till October or so, but hopefully they’ll be worth the wait :)

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I was on the ship when the news broke on the Supreme Court decision about same sex marriage. I made this from a scrap from this commission, which is fitting considering who the piece was for. 

It was a quick stitch, but would have been loads quicker if I’d had more space around the stitching area. Because it was a scrap, though, I didn’t give myself that luxury. This piece features the most amount of French knots I’ve done in a row. No, they were not all perfect, and about half had to be redone. I finished it in time for July 4th, which I thought was also fitting :)

If you haven’t realized by now, I am a firm ally in the LGBT+ community and have many friends who have to fight the good fight, just to fill out the same forms Frank and I do. This was a good week for our country. 

The title came from when I showed this piece to my friend Thomas (Minger in the piece I made for him).

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Mystery Steotchalong: Part 3

Just this evening, I finished pattern 3, which is good because we were in our home port in New Orleans today, and I’m using the last of my service to post. 

I think we’ve officially figured it out now; pretty sure it’s Chewbacca and Han Solo. 

The picture’s a bit meh, but it’s clear enough. So excited for next weeks pattern. Plus, every new pattern means that I’m getting closer to the end of this show install… 

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Mystery Steotchalong: Part 2

My favorite thing about this project is this exchange:

“What are you making?”
“No idea.”

I finished stitching the second pattern yesterday during lighting focus for one of our new shows. 


I’m not sure what I even think it looks like. Maybe a dragon? Like, lying down?

I’m sad that I won’t be in the U.S. next Monday. It’ll be a miracle if I can get the next pattern before next Thursday. Maybe I can get someone on land to email it to my work email….

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Mystery Steotchalong 1

As I said in a previous post, I am doing the Mystery Steotchalong this year! 

I was reading other people’s thoughts on the first pattern on tumblr and the Steotch forums, and decided it would be best to grid out my project first, which I rarely do. However, since going through this it would be very difficult to see where you messed up without it, I went for it. 


All ready to go!

Now, as of this morning, I have just finished the first pattern, and not a moment too soon! The second pattern comes out today!


I finished it in the airport.  I am headed to my next ship today, which is why I’m posting this from my phone. I will not be able to post as much for the next month and a half or so, as we’re working around the clock (and passenger schedules) to install brand new shows on the Carnival Elation. Definitely not for lacking subjects to post about (I discovered shrinky dinks again!!). 
I sincerely hope I’ll be able to keep up with the Steotchalong during this time :) 

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Water you want from me?

You want the Pokemon puns to stop?

Well too bad, ’cause:

140 Dewott Pun


I dewott I want.

I love puns.

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Sprite Stitch Challenge June 2015

The theme on Sprite Stitch this month was video game animals and companions. At first, I asked Frank for his favorite video game dog, and one of the ones he said was Rush, from MegaMan. So, originally, I was going to just stitch his sprite, but then I saw some of the other entries, and upped my game a bit. Dogs are my favorite, so:

Video Game Doggies


Poochy, from Yoshi’s Island
Rush, from MegaMan
Dog, from Duck HuntGrowlithe, from Pokemon
Okami, from Okamiden (the sprite is actually an item that looks like him)
Boney, from Mother 3

I really like how this came together :)

In other news, I will be participating in this year’s Mystery Steotch-a-long ^_^

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Cast Commission

At the moment, I am working in Florida to install shows onto another ship. I did this about 8 or 9 months ago as well. We’re in a studio instead of a ship, and the cast is rehearsing all the shows before we get to our new ship. Meanwhile, the ship we’ll be going to is preparing for our arrival, with demolition and light shows.

Anyway, I know some of this cast from before. About half, actually. And they know (and now the whole cast knows) that I avidly cross stitch, and do commissions. Seeing my business card sitting on the desk, one of the cast members, Thomas, asked me to make something for him and his English boyfriend, who is also in the cast.

Minger + Baby Bird

He says he calls Matt “Baby Bird” because of the way his hair fluffs up in the front like a baby bird. He says Matt calls him “Minger” because he farts a lot. True Love right there.

The happy couple:

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