The Cutest Mythical Vicious Guard Dog

For the Sprite Stitch challenge this and next months, the theme is “Lesser Fantastical Creatures.” Meaning, creatures that are less known than, say, dragons.

First, I decided I would skip this one. I leave in a couple weeks and have to pack, and also I’m making some gifts that have to be finished before I leave, and also I’m working on some other theatre things. Also actual work.

But then, I finished all my gifts, and I was nearly done with the theatre pieces, and I came up with an idea without realizing it.

I wanted to stitch a cerberus. Like Fluffy, from Harry Potter. I searched for sprites from games. There were some that were okay, but I wasn’t really in love with the perspective or the size or the number of colors.

So, I took a sprite I’ve used before (you might recognize it from another Sprite Stitch Challenge stitch), and modified it to fit my needs wants.


The cutest Cerberus! You can’t tell me differently. I love this little guy; my very own Fluffy!

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“Lights, Go”

This is really Part 4 of my Tiny Theatre Series.

I have to say that I HATE working with this kind of glow thread; the Kreinik stuff is plastic and finicky…But I love how it looks in the end.

My stitches on this one are FAR from perfect given the aforementioned plasticky nature of the thread, but the effect, I think, is worth it.

Lights, Go

And here it is in blacklight:


I MIGHT make it again…but probably not.

I like to think this one incorporates all the tech positions I’ve previously stitched: sound is the mic, lights is the light, and the SM is saying the title…

Or something :)

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A while ago (like a year….) my little brother (who is a junior in high school, can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday…) was obsessed with this video:

And so, I took my favorite line and cross stitched it for him…


I took it to find a frame at Walmart or somewhere, and I dropped it somewhere. I stitched that shit on 25 count, over 1! Pain in the ass.

Because I’m the best sister that ever sister’d, I remade it, exactly as before, and here it is in all its glory:


I have never in my life stitched the word “SWAG” so much.


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Home Sweet Home Everywhere

I’m so proud of my cross stitches. Like a lot. I have an album on my iPad of just my stitch projects – all of them – that I show around to anyone who will look.

Sometimes, I get people requesting things based off those projects, and that’s what happened here. One of the boys in my cast requested the Pokemon Home Sweet Home:

Home Sweet Home

“Home” is different on ships…and it’s very much where ever you are…and can decorate.

I was glad to make it. I need to get back into Poke-stitching, I think :)

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Rain on my parade!

I’m still on my jewelry kick.

Because I am buying bulk-ish chain, and not pre-made necklaces, I am ending up with a lot of little scrap pieces. And I put those pieces to work on my latest piece!

Cloud NecklaceI actually love this one a lot. I might shorten the necklace part a bit just to keep the rain out of my cleavage…

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So Many Necklaces!

After the swaps, despite my many projects that I have lined up for gifts and whatnot, I became totally obsessed with making plastic canvas pendants. The ones here aren’t even all of them; they’re just the ones that I’ve put on chains!

First, an NES controller for myself:

NES Necklace

It’s quite a bit shorter than the one I made for the swap. I wear polos for work (on which the buttons hardly work, but I guess I should be glad that they finally started ordering women’s?), and I wanted it to be seen.

Next was a tiny Hogwarts crest:

Hogwarts Necklace

I really love this one, and I’m so glad I had that chain. It’s perfect. I want to add felt backing, but I want the felt to be purple, and they have been sold out at Walmart FOR-EVER.

The last plastic canvas one so far is the Boss Key:

Boss Key NecklaceWas going to say something about it being the key to my heart because wall and trials….blah blah blah. Maybe I’m just a badass.


I also made shrinky dink ones. I’ve already kind of posted about them before, but now these are the finished, wearable products!

First of all, my favorites are the pinwheels:

Yellow Pinwheel

Blue Pinwheel

Red Pinwheel

I want to make so many more!! And I can’t until I go home…

A nice heart necklace:

Heart Necklace

And a little paper (plastic) airplane:

Airplane Necklace

Also I’ve started wearing necklaces.

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Tiny Shield

Last cruise, we had  a team come onboard to clean some of our moving light fixtures. One of the contractors happened to be the one that was with us during the show install for our current ship, so we’d spent a bit of time together before. I was wearing a necklace I’d made (and will post about later…), and he asked me about it. I told him I’d made it myself and he basically said “Duh…” because all during the install I was making the NES purse for the mega swap.

Then he asked if could request something. His request was “something Zelda.”


The colors are more brilliant in person, and it is backed with felt. I have learned now that razor blades are for the plastic, and scissors are for the felt. Less fuzzies that way.

I think I’m a bit obsessed with plastic canvas now, though. My next post will probably prove that.

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Tiny Tools of the Trade parts 2 and 3

After the tiny sound board I stitched a little while back, it was only a matter of time before I did one for stage managers and lighting. 

First, I did this one:

My thought process was making the thing look like a skull and crossbones. I can’t decide if I like this better, or the headset by itself…

The lighting one is quite minimalistic:

Our lighting tech would have preferred if I’d designed a moving light like the ones we use on the ships, but I explained that they’re more rare for theatrical productions, which is what I was used to before ships. 

I’m working on one more of these before I’m finished. More theatre tech cross stitch!!!

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MEGA Swap!

I started on my Mega gifts first, inspired by my partner’s love of NES nostalgia and Mario. I was originally going to do a whole bunch of different games, but I had already done the mirror before I looked up video game currencies for the wallet. There are surprisingly few games that actually have physical currency rather than just monies that are counted. Think Rupees and Mario Coins vs. Final Fantasy Gil and Pokédollars. So, everything turned out to be either NES or Mario themed. My partner was katdun.

First, I made an NES-inspired purse. I found a template here, and designed my own pattern for it. The office personnel that were with us while we were installing the shows just saw me stitching grey yarn in squares over and over (and EVERYWHERE…at rehearsal, light focus, the bar…everywhere), and didn’t understand what I was doing until I started to put it together. This is the final product, and I have to say, I’m quite proud of it:

WIN_20151016_193125WIN_20151016_193201  WIN_20151016_193145

I’m thinking of making another one…just for myself.

I also made a wallet for this swap, too. The colors of yarn I bought (and I didn’t want to buy a lot, because I still have to figure out how to get all of this stuff home in December) were originally bought for this wallet, which is why the Zelda wallet colors might have been a bit off.

WIN_20151016_192313 WIN_20151016_192320WIN_20151016_192348

The cast watched me put all of these together and said they were all “quite clever.”

I decided to do a little blackwork Invincibility Star for the compact mirror:

WIN_20151016_193320 WIN_20151016_192232

A little mushroom keychain.


WIN_20150902_174519An NES-inspired necklace:
WIN_20151016_193426I broke away from the theme with these last two items, but I was getting a bit obsessed with my plastic canvas. I included two little needleminers as well.

WIN_20151016_190638 WIN_20151016_190702 Overall, I had tons of fun making things for these swaps. I’m sad/happy they only come around once a year. :)

This also inspired me to make some things for myself as well.

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Mini Swap!

I sent out both of my Sprite Stitch swaps this week, and since they’ve gotten to their respective swappies, I can now reveal what I’ve been working on since July! I’ll start with the mini because of arbitrary reasons.

My mini swap partner was blackberrybear, which my followers might remember (probably not :) ) was my partner a couple swaps ago, but on the other side. I didn’t mean to make nearly every gift Zelda-centered, but it did end up working out that way…

First, a Zelda-themed wallet made from plastic canvas.




Next was something I’ve wanted to start making for a while. I still have a bunch of blank templates sitting in my cabin. A compact mirror.

WIN_20151016_192030 I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out.

I’ve also been in a bit of a necklace-making mood lately, so my swappie got one of these:


In keeping with the theme of “Zelda things you can put in your purse,” I also made a keychain out of plastic canvas as well:

WIN_20151016_192003Get it? It’s a KEYchain. Because it’s a key…

Anyway, there was one last thing that doesn’t fit with any part of the theme, but more of a thank you gift. It the survey we were all sent, we listed TV show, movies, and games we like, along with some other information. There was on TV show that stuck out to me in the survey: Ranma 1/2, an anime I had never heard of, but Frank had, and told me the basic premise. It seemed interesting, I downloaded season one, and got hooked. I recommend it, if you like a funny, light-hearted anime. You can read about it here.

This magnet is one of the characters in the anime, in his pig form.


I really got into the plastic canvas in this swap. And I’m really pleased with how everything came out.

Stay tuned for the mega swap installment!

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