Getting back to stitching

So, if you’ve been following some of my other social media (shameless plug for my tumblr and instagram), you may have seen a post that looks like this:

That’s right! We’re expecting a new little member of our team this summer.

Unfortunately, making this person is taking a major toll on my body and mental state. I haven’t been able to get myself to stitch very much. I still drag around like 3 small WIPs in the vain hope that I’ll work on them while I’m out, but the energy and motivation just aren’t there.

That all being said, I have recently completed a couple of small pieces during this time.

I had a simple idea that would hopefully kick me back into stitching gear.

I love The Office, and I thought this would be a funny way to remind myself that not all my projects have to be huge or elaborate or vine related.

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Chrismakkah 2018: …And one for me!

Last blanket post, I promise…at least from last year!

I mean….I had to. I LOVE blankets (and saving money, so our house is constantly cold), and we only had 3 (that I made…there are two other store-bought ones on my couch right now). So…I found some fabric for me!

Hufflepuff Blanket

I really couldn’t pass up this Hufflepuff fabric. It’s just too good! I almost didn’t find the right backing fabric for this, though. I was standing the the 20-people-long line with a black and white hounds-tooth, but the woman in front of me had this grey and black plaid I hadn’t seen earlier, so I asked for a cut of that instead. I felt bad about dragging a bolt off the rack for no reason, but the cutting counter girl was super nice about it.

So now I have this soft yellow blanket, which I also made 3 yards long, and I love it ^_^

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Chrismakkah 2018: Music Lap Blanket

My brother’s in his own apartment this year (making last year’s gift obsolete lol), and I figured he could use a blanket, too.

Music Lap Blanket

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough of this awesome music fabric to make a big blanket (you know, to share with girlfriends…), but this is a good lap blanket for the hours spent gaming or, more recently, editing his YouTube videos. He reviews cereals. (He even did one on that nasty-looking Sour Patch Kids one.) You can kinda see it in the intros to his vids lol so I hope he likes it.

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Chrismakkah 2018: Galaxy/Maritime Blanket

For the most part, I made blankets this year for people who didn’t get them last year. The exception was my mom, and the reason is because I found this perfect fabric:

Sharks and Anchor Blanket

The galaxy sharks called to me, and I knew I had to find a corresponding backing fabric. I found the anchors, and I was done. If you knew my mom, you’d know how much I could NOT pass up this shark fabric. And it’s good, because now she and her husband have 2 blankets, and they don’t have to share lol.

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Chrismakkah 2018: Horses!

Sometimes its difficult to shop for people who have been Adults™ your whole life. Like, you know they had lives and interests before you, and you know they have those things beyond you, especially if they’re Aunts and Uncles. Sometimes I’m at a loss, but this time, I found a kit at Joanne that was already perfect for them.

I usually pick out separate fabrics and cut them to size, but once in a while a kit is just too good. My Aunt and Uncle have a farm where they board and train horses, and the secondary fabric just fits right into their home aesthetic.

I really like this blanket, and kinda want to make one for me lol…

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Chrismakkah 2018: Fox Blanket

I was a bit aimless when I was shopping for patterns for my sister…and then I happened on two ADORABLE fox patterns, and fell in love:

Cute Fox Blanket

So cute. And I actually like the contrast on this one. The orange is on both sides, so it pulls the whole thing together.

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Chrismakkah 2018: Hogwarts Blanket

My very best friend and I have been into Harry Potter for as long as we can both remember. We went to see the movies as they came out, went to book releases, played on JK Rowling’s original website to get all the Easter Eggs, and then played on the very first incarnation of Pottermore (I’m Hufflepuff, and she’s Slytherin). Harry Potter was one of the main glues of our friendship, and followed us up through middle school and high school.

So I saw this fabric (and another, but that’s for a different post), and fell in love with it. Both of them! They’re just so perfect for a blanket!

Hogwarts Blanket

I may one day make this exact blanket for myself, I love it so much.

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Chrismakkah 2018: Pokémon

Last time I talked about my nieces on my side of the family, and this one is about my husband’s sister’s daughter. She’s 7 years old, and into Pokémon now. Originally, I was going to make something for her with her favorite one (Eevee), but I saw this fabric, and it was just perfect.

Pokemon Blanket

I wanted the backing fabric to be black with red dots, but this was a close second. The top fabric was a super-fluffy version on fleece, and it was a HUGE mess to cut, so I’m not sure I’ll work with that kind of fabric again for these blankets unless I’m in love with the pattern on it.

It has been reported on numerous occasions that this is her main blanket now, so that makes me smile.

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Chrismakkah 2018: Puppy Nameplate

So my one niece got a blanket this year, but last year, she got a cross stitch with her name on it. Right around the time her sister was born, my older brother asked for one for the second child. I used the same pattern, but changed the colors, so the sisters would have something similar, but unique to each of them.

Puppy – for Leah

So Leah got the same puppy in darker colors and her own name. I like this pattern a lot. Easy to stitch, and perfect for kids.

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Chrismakkah 2018: Paw Patrol

Several months ago, my older brother posted a status on Facebook about his young daughter, about 4 years old. She LOVES Paw Patrol, and there’s a main girl dog that she was her absolute favorite. Then, her parents bought Paw Patrol bed sheets. And they only had the boy dogs on them, even though there was space for the girl dog. And she played with her girl dog toy less and less, because she wasn’t “really part of the team.”

That was freaking heartbreaking to read. I thought about it for a long time. When the holidays came, and I was looking for fleece patterns, I came across a Paw Patrol one. IT ONLY HAD THE BOY ONES! I loudly lamented about this to my husband, and a woman interrupted and showed me a small piece of fabric. The last of this fabric in the shop, and told me that these were the two girl characters from the show.

I was elated! The fabric was just enough for a small blanket for a 4 year old, and had ONLY the girls! Representation matters so much at that age, and I really wanted to give her that. Now her bed has ALL the dogs she likes!

Paw Patrol Blanket

The backing fabric I found was so perfect, and I’m really proud of this blanket and what it represents for my niece. It doesn’t hurt that she really likes the blanket 🙂

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