A Frood Who Knows Where Her Towel Is

I know, I know. Towel day was back in May. But there has been quite a lot of stuff going on in my life in the last several months, and while I started this project in May, others started to get priority as I got excited about them. My last few weeks on the ship, I was constantly in rehearsal, which was more “hurry up and wait” than not. So, I picked this project up again and finished it rather quickly, despite smashing my right ring finger in a door early in November.

Partway through (and right after the election) I felt I needed to document the progress of the towel:


I did finally finish it, however:


It’s a staple of travel now🙂

I’m off the ship a little early than I’d planned…but now I just have more time for Christmas stitches!

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“The real treasure was the NPC’s we picked up along the way…”

At the beginning of this contract, we started out with a really great tech team, cast, and band. In that group of people, five of us (three techs and two musicians) decided to start a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, to last until the DM left. We invited one more tech who was filling in, to make a character for the guy who was coming back, but the guy coming back wasn’t super into the slow nature of the game, so it ended up just being the five of us.

Given that we were working off a lot of frustration from work while we were playing, we ended up killing a LOT. Also we kept getting NPCs that we were supposed to kill or leave behind. It should be noted that most of us were chaotic neutral when we started.

By the time we ended, one person in the campaign had left the ship, and the mission we had started out with was the complete opposite of the mission we ended up with. And we started a celestial war between Tiamut and Bahamut.

I mentioned that we killed A LOT. We were dubbed the “Murder Hobos.” I decided we needed a logo, and a new project was born.


There was one for each of us. (So Frank and I actually have two: one each.)

The whole cast of figurines:


Just the Murder Hobos +  some NPCs (some of them were made of candy…that we ate):


And finally, just the Murder Hobos:


It was a great part of the contract, and I’m sad it’s over. It was quite a unique campaign.


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Pokemon Go Challenge

So this month, on SpriteStitch, the challenge is Pokemon GO themed. I should have waited to post my necklaces…lol oh well. 

So I rummaged around in the brain box, and decided to stitch sprite-me and my Pokemon buddy!

On team Valor, of course. 

I can only play when I’m off the ship in the states, so we’ve only walked 25 km so far. Can’t wait to go for walks at home!

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Year 2: The Cotton Anniversary

On September 6, Frank and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary. The second year gifts are supposed to be cotton-related, if you’re following “traditional” gift themes.

I was a little bit at a loss, because I stitch for him all the time, so I thought just doing a cross stitch would be lame and also cheating. I ended up going a little bit overboard with buying things, because I just couldn’t decide. Highlights include, a corgi shirt, eeveelution plushies, and a bucket of cotton candy.

I also decided to dust off my sewing machine skills (from 7th grade) and make a wallet, because Frank washes his more often than I think he’d like to admit.

It’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever made, but I’m proud of it as a first attempt.


It was also my first time using waste canvas as well. I was nervous to use it, but I didn’t have to get it wet or anything!

I used this tutorial, because it seemed easiest for a beginner. I also watched a lot of Kitchen Nightmares.

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You Can’t Take It With You

That was the school play for Sitka High School this year waaaaaaaaaaay back in May, and I did some not terrible work that now resides in Sitka Performing Arts Center’s storage. (We’re going through some transitional stuff at work, so stitching has mostly been on hold for now)

We had students that I helped teach over the semester. They designed the set, and then were told to redesign the set because the TD doesn’t like trapezoid sets. Eventually they came up with something, and I cleaned it up:



We encouraged the kids to really think about the design an colors, and ended up with our final set:


I was also in charge of creating some props and effects. One of the first things the director requested was a set of fireworks and firecrackers.

The play is set in 1936, so I researched 1930s fireworks and came up with these:



They did kind of look like crayons in the end (except for the exploded one), but 1930s fireworks looked like rockets, and these were meant to be homemade ones as well.

The actor was also meant to “fire” a firecracker onstage in a pan. As they were students, I opted for no actual fire or pyrotechnics. So I took a party popper and deconstructed it and I rigged the pan so the trigger fuse could be pulled from the outside.


We worked pretty much to the end of the run in trying to keep the kid from firing it too close to his friend’s ear during the show. I think he got it right once.

My pride and joy was the most daunting task I had: a late 18th century printing press.








The final product and a real one, the one I based it off of:



I really enjoyed working on this🙂


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Cheap Seats and Brownies

Now that the Steotchalong is complete (still haven’t framed it though), I’m focusing on some project I had in the works already. In the mean time, I still have two more shows from my internship that I need to post about.

So, for the community theatre show this season in Sitka, they chose a musical: 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Highly recommended if you like to laugh.

I offered to build some props before I built the set: “I can make brownies out of wood, so we don’t have to bake like 20 every night.” It’s for a scene with PTA Bake Sale stuff.



Spackle and wood. And store brand saran wrap.

The set is super simple. All the time. As the name implies, it’s about a spelling bee. It’s set in a gym, needs a table for the judges to sit, chairs or bleachers for the students to sit, and…???

So I need to build bleachers. And I can do it with stock that the theatre already has. Recycle! I bought literally zero new wood for anything.

The set in action:


I also designed the lights for this, but I couldn’t get shots of that in action because I was running the projections and calling the lights and I really had to pay attention to that.

But I really enjoyed everything I did for this show.

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“I drink and I know things”

So here we are again: at the end of a great Steotchalong!

The end:


And after a wash:IMG_3218

It looks like my pen may have left some marks on my piece, so when I get back to home port, I’m going to pick up some white vinegar to give it a bit of a soak before I frame it.

I chose this quote because a) it’s my favorite of the bunch, and b) that basically stage management: drinking and knowing things lol

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Pokemon GO Team Pride!

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been obsessed with Pokemon GO since it came out (when I can get internet…boo). I already made earrings, but I didn’t stop there!

Now, I’m Team Valor for life, but I made designs for all the teams to show your pride. 

I’ll be listing these in my shop soon🙂

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Steotchalong 2016: Almost done!

So, I finally caught up with the patterns! I’m actually working on some other patterns now while I wait for next Monday.

Pattern 8:

Not creepy at all with no eyes….

Pattern 9 got down to the details:

I can’t wait to see the quotes!

My next post is likely to be Pokemon Go related. I’m obsessed.

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Steotchalong 6 and 7: the catching up

So, I fell a bit behind on the steotchalong – like 2 weeks. It turns out my injury was a tinsy-tinsy bit more serious than I originally thought. But I’m doing really well now! Now I only have a little left on pattern 8 before I can start on the penultimate pattern.

Here’s patterns 6 and 7:



I like working on this, but I’ve been coming up with some other patterns I want to work on🙂

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