Video Games!

One of the main things I wanted to start cross stitching was video game stuff. I found Sprite Stitch and I fell in love. Also, it was nice to know that there were people like me! And a whole online community of them to boot!

However, it has worked out that most of the things I have so far stitched are decidedly non-video game. But that’s okay! I’ve only been doing this since March! And I have a full-time job!

Here are some of the small things I’ve stitched up between other projects:


A couple times, when I had an hour or so before I wanted to go to bed, I’d stitch small things, like the companion cube and pokéball. Unfortunately, when I cut this fabric for the other things I’d stitched onto it, They ended up too close to the edge. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them, but they’re cute. They are about 1 inch each on 18ct Aida.

My little brother has been playing Minecraft lately on the xbox and I wanted to experiment with button-making with cross stitch. I know it isn’t perfectly centred, but he loves it, and says all his friends are jealous. I even put a pinback on it for him to wear around 🙂

This guy was stitched with 17 different colours on 22 ct Aida. The back looked horrible…but that’s okay! The front looks great! The button s from a fabric button kit and 1 inch in diameter.

I had requested a pattern from Sprite Stitch that was the portal cores, and I wanted them small. The pattern I received was awesome and from an awesome poster. I wondered if I could make them smaller and simpler, so I made my very first pattern! I took the circle from the pokeball, so each is about an inch in diameter. These are the ones from the first game: Morality, Curiosity, Intelligence, and Emotion. I also had gotten this 18 count bookmark from the craft store, so I decided to try it out.

This was actually my first time stitching without a hoop. It’s not so bad, but I neglect to take breaks when I do that, so my hands got sore in weird places. Like everything else, take short breaks often!

I have more (and huger!) video game projects in my queue to be made, but I’m working on gifts at the moment, and possibly a commission. Keep a weather eye out…

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