Aquatic Mammals for Mamas

One of the best things about picking up a talent or craft (or having a baby, apparently, as Frank and I have learned from his sister), is that gifts are easy and inexpensive. Now that is different from cheap, mind you. I take a lot of pride in things that I do, especially things I make.

So my mother’s birthday was coming up (right near Mother’s Day), so I decided to make something with one of her favourite animals: dolphins. I found a simple yin yang picture online, and spent about an hour making the pattern. Then it was a few weeks (I had to make it a birthday AND Mother’s Day present) to make this:

This was done on 22 count Aida with just Blanc and 310 DMC. I chose a round frame for this one because a square one is a) hard to find at that size – that is a 6 inch frame – and b) I felt that the square would have disrupted the flow of the picture.  😀

She loved it, and now I have to outdo myself next time….

Frank’s mother’s birthday was about a month later, so I had to find something quickly for that too. Luckily I knew she loves dogs and manatees (and after 6 1/2 years, I should know these things). So I set out to find a manatee picture from which to make a pattern. It was far more difficult to find than the dolphin picture, which I had already had my mind on, but I eventually found one and made this:

Three colours on 18 count Aida. I was afraid at first that it would come out looking more like a seal, but I think it turned out nicely 🙂

We’re almost caught up to the present, so I’m afraid posts might slow down after the next few days, but I’m working hard on a couple projects. Lets hope I get them all done by…August!

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3 Responses to Aquatic Mammals for Mamas

  1. I love the dolphin picture! It is lovely and really unusual!

  2. Ria says:

    The dolphins are amazing! Are you releasing that design for sale, by any chance?

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