My first commission

When I posted the pictures of all my personal projects on facebook, I expected comments (I’m glad they were all good!), but I didn’t expect my friends to want to buy one!

My friend Nick is a huge Zelda fan, and he liked the crest so much, he wanted one. I did his in metallic thread, Dark Gold, on 14 count Aida. I think it turned out rather nice.


I don’t feel that the pictures really do it justice. Metallic thread is difficult to work with, but beautiful in the finished product. I was thinking of doing the Triforce of Badassery on hunter green with metallic gold. That will be such a huge project. Frank would like it, though, I’m sure.

I also decided to participate in Sprite Stitch’s challenge this month. The category is food, and food related items from video games. I already have something in mind (someone already made Mario mushroom cupcakes!). It’s not huge due to the overwhelming number of projects that I’ve already taken on, but I will post it once I’m done. It should bring a wave of nostalgia. It did for me, designing it.

I’m also in the process of putting on some finishing touches to a new cross stitch pattern. I’d like to put it up for sale soon. Actually, I’d like to stitch it myself first, but I still have to colour cast gifts, and start the second set of scales on this dragon (pictures of that to come once I’m more…done). I also need to finish winding my bobbins! Baaaaaaah… 🙂

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