Cast Gifts: All Access

One thing about working in theatre is that friendships are accelerated and then depleted at a much quicker rate than other work relationships. You work intimately with a group of people for a short amount of time, and then, depending on the gig, everyone moves on. In many ways, theme park theatres are very different, but in this way, they are the same. And this summer, that’s where I am, at a theme park theatre. Last year, too, along with a few of the cast members.

In any case, cast and crew get close, contacts are formed, facebook friends accumulate.

The cast and some of the crew have been bringing in snack foods and such to share, but I’m sentimental, and making these was as much for myself as it was to give to them.

Anyway, here they are! The cast gifts.

The best part was making them right under their noses, and they had no idea.



Now I can focus on the dragon, right? Apparently not. Instead of working on the lettering  for the dragon piece, I started a tiny piece for Frank last night. Maybe I can have both of his done for the mail tomorrow…

I did eventually work on the lettering, too. I couldn’t sleep due to the amount of caffeine I pumped into my system to stay up to talk to Frank at the nearly hellaciously late hour he gets off work. I’ve missed him the last couple days, and I was determined to talk to him.

So, maybe I’ll finally post pictures of the dragon tomorrow. It’s coming together, though the lettering at the moment looks odd. Try not to think about my reasonings too much.

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3 Responses to Cast Gifts: All Access

  1. These are adorable! Such a great idea!

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