Goals and an engagement

A few weeks ago, my good friend Jamie popped the question to her boyfriend! 🙂 When she told me about the weekend, it seemed like almost nothing was going her way, but the actual proposal apparently went without a hitch 😀 So yay Jamie and Tim!

She proposed to him while they were para-sailing, so I stitched this up for them.

They got it today, so it’s safe to post pictures now! Sorry it’s so dark…

This was stitched on light blue 19 count cork linen. It was the first time I worked with anything but Aida. It was from a bunch of samples the lady at Everything Cross Stitch gave me. Unfortunately, the store is going out of business in my area 😦 But there are other craft shops.

As for the dragon commission, it turns out that not only was the goal of having all three lines done the other day was highly attainable, but I did it before I left work! Of course when I got home, I did absolutely nothing. And yesterday was my brother’s birthday, so there was no cross stitching yesterday either.

On a related note, I suck at laser tag.

Pictures of the commission will be up tomorrow, because I’ll probably be finished with all the words by then.

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2 Responses to Goals and an engagement

  1. What an adorable picture! It will be a fantastic reminder of their engagement for them! Such a brilliant idea!

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