Words, words, words…

The problem with stitching words in a font that uses many stitches, like this “Celtic” font I’ve been using for the dragon commission, is that I have to stare at the words for long periods of time. Then, just like when you say a word too many times in a row, the words become non-words. Like “meddle.” It began to warp in my mind…”is it spelled right? what does it mean? is it even a word?”…

Anyway, I got all the words done:


I started colouring last night, too, but I don’t think I’ll post this again until the finished product 🙂

Frank got his package today, so I’ll be able to post pics tomorrow of those.

And now I can work on the technicians’ set.


Also, you may have noticed some new pages up. Some poetry I’ve written is up, and I need to get pictures of some of the other things I’ve made, so that’s not really up yet. Check them out, though 🙂

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