Stitches…at sea!

Well, I said there’d be an announcement today, so here it is:

I have a brand new job working on a cruise ship!

As some of you might know, I currently work at a theme park theatre as a…technician. Really, it’s a catch-all title. I do all sorts of things: unofficial ASM, set builder, (then after they break it) set fixer, wave maker (which is probably why I don’t advance haha), stage mopper, fly rail tech, shoulder to cry on, bug-catcher, (once) snake scarer, TV fixer…the list goes on.

So now (well, starting September 3), I’ll be doing all of that…plus some other stuff…out at sea! I’m very excited about this opportunity. I wasn’t going to announce this for another month at least, but everyone at work found out, so there’s no reason for it to be secret anymore. I still love the theme park, but I need to branch out a bit. Plus Frank also works a ship…maybe we can be on one together soon!

That’s a Jimmy Buffett quote that I thought was perfect for the situation.

It was stitched on Bight Ideas “Polar Ice” 14 count Aida. I might stitch a duplicate for my mother.

I have a couple new projects already lined up and started (though I may have to do one more inside joke sampler for work…), so keep your eyes peeled for updates on those!

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2 Responses to Stitches…at sea!

  1. R says:

    Congrats, R! Good to hear that you’re getting to do new and exciting things. (I am so jealous of your awesome stitching skills, too! Wish I could do stuff like that.)

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