So, I had planned to have some WIP pictures up for you today.

That was the plan.

Well, plans don’t really work out for me (sometimes for the better), and I don’t have much to show for today. I’ve been working on two bigger projects, but the bigger one… well, about 100 stitches were off by one row, so I spent all down time at work picking those out, and coming dangerously close to scrapping the project, and starting it on new cloth after I thought I ruined the Aida. I’ll work with it though. So, I’m regridding the thing with my new favourite marker in the world (yay fabric pen!!), and working on it today.

The second is just taking longer than usual because I’m not used to working with plasticky thread. It is going to be SO AWESOME when it’s finished though.

Also, I’ve signed up for July IHSW, which stands for International Hermit Stitching Weekend (hosted here: [link]), which means I set aside time this weekend (and every 3rd weekend of the month) for me to just stitch without getting distracted by people. Since most of my downtime on the weekends is spent that way, I figured it was perfect.

Also also, I’m wicked jealous of anyone that went to SDCC. I want to go SO BADLY… Stupid job and needing money. And I probably won’t be able to go next year either. Meh.

So, that’s that. A whole lotta nothin’ for you guys today. Just know that I am working on some stuff. During the day anyway. Tonight I’m performing at an awards thing at work. Should be fun 😀

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