Past Project!

So….remember how I had to take out half of the stitches of my WIP? Yeah, I had to take out nearly all of them. I seriously just about scrapped the project altogether. But I have a new plan. I’m not even gridding out the whole thing (because yesterday, I had to wash it all off because I miscounted on square in the middle…bleh). So, I’ve gridded out 4 10×10 squares, and I’m going to work on it 400 stitches at a time. I hope this works.

So last night was the Entertainment Awards at work, and I performed, and won the variety act! Neato 😀 It was good to perform again. Haven’t for like 2 years. Everyone at work thinks of me only as a technician. Well not anymore! Haha!

Anyway, I won’t leave you pictureless again today. I wanted to post a project that I did in class when I was still in university.

We had to build a small (2×3 foot) stage flat for scenic painting. I was the only girl, I think in my class that did regular coloured bricks. The other girls begged for a pink palette. I like how it came out 😀


The back. I did all the construction myself, including the canvas part. As you can see, I got full marks.

So there you go, other artwork I’ve done 😀

WIP coming, I promise!!

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