Little presents

Well IHSW is coming along quite nicely. I’m pleased with what has been accomplished. No peaking until Monday though!

I do have something for you. Another mixed media project I worked on a while ago.

Ocarina of Time medallions!

I cut out the designs from very thick cardstock to glue on the wooden discs (precut…do I look like I’m made of time and money?). The forest one and the water one probably gave me the most trouble. The chest and the heart were afterthoughts. but I like them.

I made these for Frank’s birthday last year, to go with his Ocarina of Time, which I got from Thinkgeek.

Now, posts might be coming in a little slower now for several reasons. 1) My internet source at work (he sets up his smart phone as a router) is going to China for two weeks. Don’t worry, I still have internet at home, it’s just that I sleep a lot more than I am awake at home. 2) I’m working on a few bigger projects, so progress on all of them will be slower. 3) In September, I don’t know if you remember…but I’ll be in the middle of the Caribbean for most of the following six months. I’m thinking of starting a travel blog too…but I’m only going to the same three places over and over. But it’s the Bahamas, Key West, and Cozumel. We’ll see, I suppose.

Also, I should probably start figuring out what I’m going to need for the next six months… LOTS OF AIDA!!

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