IHSW July 2012 and my birthday!


…aaaaaand I chose to work. Must be a sign of getting older because I have Tuesdays off, so I just figured, “Hey, why not get paid for a day when my day off is the next day?”

I must really need the money. (I do.)

So, I’ll celebrate tomorrow. I wish Frank were here

Anyhoozles. IHSW. I did it.

It wasn’t too different than a regular weekend, really. Just put a movie up on my computer during breaks and put my head phones in. Saturday was tough because we have more shows and more stuff to go wrong. And yesterday, if I didn’t stitch, I was going to throw the girl who’s filling in for my fly rail partner over the side of my station. It’s only one floor up, so she wouldn’t have been super seriously injured, but she would know I wasn’t pleased. That’s another story completely.

But it is summed up by a phrase that my coworkers want me to stitch: “I told her I wouldn’t let her drown, but I didn’t know she had rocks in her pockets!”

I wanted to start birthday drinking last night. Not stopping until Tuesday. But that seemed like a horrible idea to even young, party Rachel. So, sober I stay. TILL TONIGHT HOPEFULLY.

IHSW. Yes.

I worked on two things. You may have seen their names on the side bar under WIP: Cucco Avalanche and Vices.



Sorry for the iPod camera…bleh.



That keyboard was killer. Now, this is my “during show” piece. I know it sounds bad to work on a project during a show, but I have 7 cues in a 22 minute period, and at the end, there are like 10 minutes where I do nothing till the very very end. So, I stitch. Instead of sleep on the concrete floor like my Internet source did.

This also has a surprise stitched into it that you all can see when it’s done.



This is all I had left after I took out all those stitches 😦



I tried to get all the outlines done last night for that strip, but I was sleepy.

I’m thinking, success.

Did I mention it’s my birthday?

Comments welcome 😀

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4 Responses to IHSW July 2012 and my birthday!

  1. Aileen G. Baron says:

    Happy Birthday!
    What is your email address?
    Grandma Baron

  2. Bea says:

    Happy birthday! And you did great with your stitching.

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