Quick update.

After IHSW I took a tiny break from stitching. I’ve still stitched every day, but for like an hour…or waiting for my eye exam yesterday. I bought all my stuff for the cruise and had birthday happiness yesterday.

I’m currently stitching up something for my older brother for his upcoming birthday (and he’s computer literate, so that will stay secret till he gets it). But I’ll get back to my WIPs soon enough.

Also, I’m entering three of my projects into our town fair: Pokemon Home Sweet Home, Hogwarts Crest, and Yin Yang Dolphins. I don’t think they’ll win anything, but it’ll be fun. And I get a free ticket to the fair!

Update: Just kidding. They only accepted one, so I entered the dolphins one. Maybe I’ll make a sampler for next year, since that’s a different category than “cross stitch specimen.”

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