I missed a day…

So yesterday I was sick. I didn’t go to work, and I didn’t stitch once, not even after I was feeling better. 😦 I lost a whole day.

I’m better now though, and I finished my brother’s present two days ago at work, but now it’s too big for the frame I had intended it for :/ KG-Chart had it fit in a 5×7 on 18 ct, but it’s slightly too big, even for one without much of a frame, like the one I used for the “Sad Things” stitch. It makes me wonder if the Wal-Mart (Stitchables) fabric is counted differently.

Anyway, I’ll post those after I send them. So I really have nothing to show…


My cousin’s baby shower was recently, so I can post the tiny things I made for her. I’m really going to make something much bigger after the babies are born (twin girls!), but I’d like to make something with their names.

 I suppose a tiny bit of explanation is necessary. My cousin and his wife have been trying to have children for several years. When they were finally successful in their endeavors, it turned out that there were TWO little girls in that oven. So, on the sonogram, they were referred to as “Baby A” and “Baby B”. After some amused discussion, the nicknames “Apple” and “Bean” started to stick. The whole family is in on the joke, and when I gave these to them the other day, everyone thought they were fantastic.

I am going to do either a hooded towel for each, or a stitched nameplate for each, but that will have to come later. They aren’t even revealing what names they’re thinking about. However, we do know several that are vetoed…my cousin doesn’t want his daughters to be strippers, I guess lol…

So, I’m back to my WIPs today, which I haven’t really worked on since the Hermit weekend, so hopefully I’ll make good progress on those. Also, I thought of another idea for the July Challenge…it might be too late to finish, but it’ll be fun to make 😀

I’m also trying to figure out what materials I should use for another certain project (not cross stitch) I’m working on…it hasn’t turned out to be as easy as I once thought. *mysterious*

Whew…I didn’t think this post was going to be so long!

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