Wake up!

Well, I have been working like crazy on a bunch of stuff. Unfortunately, most of is has been errands to finish before I leave for the cruise ship. Also, my stomach’s still been bothering me, so it’s slowing me down. However, I have been working on my WIPs, finding Christmakkah present patterns, and one other craft, which I finished yesterday.
Now I’ve been sitting on this for a few months. I wanted to make this last year, but didn’t have the time, nor could I figure out how I wanted to do it. So it lay on the back burner. Then last week in Walmart, I had a brainwave. So I bought the supplies and worked on it for a few hours. Then tried to finish yesterday.

This is the result:


A functional Pokéflute! I’ve even figured out the wake-up song on it. Lugia’s Song is next. And then possibly Saria’s Song.

This is probably the nerdiest thing I’ve ever made.

I had made two of these babies, but the sealant I used was acrylic, and ate away at the ball at the bottom. I saved this one, but the second was beyond salvage. Which was unfortunate, because out of the 6-pack of balls, I only managed to make two satisfactory ones. :/

I have other flutes, and more paint, so maybe I’ll make more at some point. But they’re a bit of a bitch to make, and probably I’d only do it for commission.

My favourite response, from my friend, Matt: “Are Snorlaxs that much of a problem down there?”

In other news, my brother got his birthday present (even though his birthday isn’t until the 11th), so I’ll be able to post those tomorrow.

Comments welcome, always 🙂

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