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My older brother, Matthew, is a nerd. In every sense of the word. Possibly even a hipster. He has StarWars tattoo sleeves and a handlebar mustache (when he waxes it) and is very much a technophile. (Random: as I type this “technophile” is marked as not being a word, but “technophiles” is? WTF?)

It’s mostly him where I got my first healthy love of video games, fueled by my boyfriend, and here we are.

So, what to give a man who has everything in the way of electronics when you’re a poor semi-recent grad? Your craft!

And here’s what I gave him:

This pattern was actually first requested by Frank, and I shall make it for him at some point. (I promise, love!) It is the Party Escort Submission Position, based on the icon for the achievement of the same name from the game Portal. I pretty much love that game. And so does Matt.

After I finished this, I got another brainwave and made this:

How boring, right? Just a white box and some text…

But…what is this?

WHAPOW! The white box actually contains a hidden mini cake icon that glows in the god damn dark. Because there really was a cake.

I also submitted this to the July Food Challenge, and it’s getting some votes!

Related: I love glow in the dark thread. I have two different brands now, and they’re both more difficult to work with than regular cotton floss, but I’m going to put it in as many projects as possible. Also, this may have helped spark a glow challenge on Sprite Stitch, which I already have an idea for. Several, actually.

So, happy early birthday, Matt. I see you’re enjoying your gifts 🙂

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