More presents!

As I posted before, my friend Nick commissioned a piece from me a while back, as seen in this post: [link] (Haha, get it? Because it’s the Hylian Crest?….ahem…) He liked it, and so commissioned two more for his fiancée, Jamie.

The first thing I was told was that she likes Care Bears. Specifically, Cheer Bear and Sleepy Time Bear. Now, I’m no expert on the Care Bears, myself, but I found a couple patterns and put them together to make this:

I like the way this came out like a nameplate, and I think I’ll use a similar design for the twins’ nameplates, once my cousin and his wife decide on names and let us all know what they are. It’s in a 5×7 frame on 18 ct Aida. And this was actually the first time I’d used a fabric pen.

The next thing I was told was that she loves Dr. Who. The only thing I know about this is the TARDIS. My little brother recently got into the show, and dearly wanted to steal this piece. Well, I know what to make for Chrismakkah for him! Also, more and more people are telling me I have to watch, and so I’m going to get the current seasons to watch when I’m on the ship. And FireFly! Okay? Everyone happy?

Okay, here it is.

I’ve been told that she is enjoying her presents 🙂

I like the little border around it. I will definitely use that one again. I’m making a sort of collection of borders, because many of my Christmas/Hanukkah (Chrismakkah, for those who were wondering what on earth I was trying to spell) present stitches will be simple-ish. Mostly because I don’t really know how much free time I’ll get on the ship once I’m there. Plus, I might want to do other things…like explore.

Anyway, so everyone has gotten the packages I’ve sent, and that makes me feel better. These and Matt’s presents are the only stitches I sent out, but I’m glad everything I sent out got there safely.

I’ve made some good progress on both of my WIPs, and so I’ll post pictures of those next time. Vices will be finished and framed by the time I leave, but Cuccos is going to be a very long time. I see that now. I’ll be so excited then it is finished!!

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