What’s the opposite of tunnel vision?

Because that’s what I have, apparently.

Now I have been working on stuff, don’t get me wrong. Like the Vices project is so far along, that I probably won’t post any more pictures until it is done…not that I posted very many pictures of it anyway. And there’s a corner of the chickens done. I have been watching Alphas, while I stitch that, though…so that’s distracting. You should probably watch that show.

And then the other day, I embroidered something.

I bought cotton cloth, because I wanted to try embroidery. It’s more free-form than cross stitch. So I bought the stuff, saying to myself “Self,” and my self said “What?” I said “Self, after these two big projects you’re working on, we must try your hand at embroidery.” My self replied, “So, that means we should do it right now, without any regards to other projects?”

And that’s what happened. It only took like an hour and a half though, so it wasn’t the hugest chunk of time.

So here’s what I came up with.

It’s certainly not perfect, and it looked better on the hoop before I washed it, but I think it looks pretty good. This image is something I used to sketch on the corners of my lecture notes from high school to college. Presumably because that’s what my head was full of during boring lectures. This wasn’t the only thing I used to doodle (indeed, one stick figure professor ended up being dangled over an over populated shark tank…don’t worry, it was none of my major or minor classes), but it was the most used.

So enjoy, while I work on more WIP projects 🙂

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