More Cast Gifts.

We have lost two members of our cast for one reason or another. Sometimes drama, sometimes pursuing other things. So they’ve had replacements, and I made cast gifts for them too. They work just as hard…just not as long as the others. (That’s what she said.)

I also made one for our sound tech, John, and am giving a different one to my stage manager (which, admittedly is a little off, but so is he, so that’s okay).

Sorry for crappy iPod photo, I can’t find my good camera this morning.

We do 4 of our 25 minute rock montage shows in an 8 hour period, at 1, 3, 5, and 7 everyday (except Tuesdays, and on Saturdays there’s a 2 o’clock show as well). So that means from about 1:30-2:55, 3:30-4:55, and 5:30-6:55, we just sort of…hang out. Of course, I have slightly more duties than the cast, and sometimes I must carry them out, like refilling the haze machine, changing gels, refilling stuff in the bathroom, etc. But mostly I have been cross stitching. Mostly the cast watches movies.

Today is the last day of the show. It is sad. The end of a run is always kind of sad. But it is also kind of not. I worked on this show last year. That’s almost 300 shows per summer. I have listened to this show almost 600 times. (I did take a couple days off.)

I also helped build the set. That alone kind of makes me want to be part of tearing it apart. Also, the cast has already kind of already started, so a sledgehammer should do the job easily. I like hitting things with sledgehammers. Who doesn’t?

I’ll be working more with the Tech Office now hopefully helping build the new set 😀

Speaking of topic changes, I made a pattern for this month’s Sprite Stitch challenge, but can’t decide if I’m actually going to make it. Last month, all three of mine got votes (!) and my glow cake did the best (of mine) at 10% of the total, which actually isn’t bad. There were many entries, and the winner won by 21%.

This month, everyone is entering crafts from one game (or set of games): Kirby’s Dream Land (and sequels). Confession: I have only played the first Kirby’s Dream Land (one) in the whole franchise, and it was last year. A little behind the times.

Anyway, this is getting long. mostly because I will have less time for blogging as the time for cruising draws near. I’ve turned in my two weeks’ notice at work, and I need to pack and clean. I’ve picked out most of the clothes I’ll bring, and have to find a place for all the cross stitch stuff.

As for WIPs, I am literally just a few stitches away from finishing vices (and have the shirt to match!). I might put Cuccos aside for a while, because I bought many kits for Chrismakkah, and I found more patterns for others 😀

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