Questionable Vices

One of my major Internet vices is blogs and webcomics. Before my computer before this one died on me, I had about 50 bookmarked. But then I’ve had to remember them individually, or I had work  and some fell by the wayside… I could spend an entire day just reading.

While I still have many bookmarks that I visit every day, or at least every week, there are four that I always save for the end of my rounds. Because best for last, right? Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Something Positive, Girls With Slingshots, and Questionable Content.



Anyway, Jeph from QC released a shirt design that I fell in love with right away. I got permission to stitch it for personal use, bought the shirt as a birthday present to me, and voila:

And if that wasn’t awesome enough…

Yep. This one glows in the dark, too. Different thread. Much less manageable.  but it comes in colours and the DMC glow doesn’t.

For the record, it is wicked difficult to get a proper photograph of something that glows in the dark.

When I showed this to the people in the costume shop, on of the guys said “Aw, that’s terrible” (meaning the pun) with a slight chuckle. I said “That’s nothing!” and shared my favourite pun: Have you heard about that circus fire? It was in tents!! Get it? “In tents” sounds almost exactly like “intense”?

…I was kicked out of the costume shop for half an hour. I can’t help it! I LOVE PUNS!

Speaking of things I enjoy…we took apart our set yesterday. We all got turns with the sledge hammers 😀 However, what was supposed to be a few days’ worth of work was finished in less than 8 hours, including the 3 hours we spent retrieving something for maintenance, and the time we spent trying to stretch out the work. “Tech piranhas” I’ve dubbed us, because when it comes to destroying stuff, we are all over it. I hope we get to start building soon.

Now, some of you may have noticed a HUGE list under WIPs. For those (all) of you that didn’t, I will wait while you look.


Well, I’m not making all of them at once, but it is a nice handy list for me to see where I am with the Chrismakkah gifts. I’ve already started Frank’s mother’s, and I’ve figured out my older brother’s, finally. Patterns or kits have been chosen, and it’s just a matter of how much free time I get, and how much of it I want to spare on other people 😛

Also, IHSW is coming up. I have to decide whether I’m going to only work on this one, or work on it until it becomes a recognizable shape, and then move on because I don’t want anyone seeing their gift early. First world problems…

Comments always welcome!

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3 Responses to Questionable Vices

  1. This is brilliant! This describes my boyfriend exactly!

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