August Challenge and My Good-Bye Stitch

Okay…that does sound a little dramatic. It’s not really “Good-bye”…it’s just sending me off! You’ll see.

So this month’s theme was a One Game Challenge. And that one game was Kirby’s Dreamland (and sequels). I have, as I mentioned in a previous post, only ever played the first Kirby’s Dreamland in the entire Kirby franchise. And that was last summer on Frank’s handheld emulator. (That thing is awesome!)

Anyway, I thought the ending was cool, and I almost built a little castle out of toilet paper rolls with a pink balloon overtop, but I’ve actually been working at work these last couple weeks, plus I’ve started on some Christmakkah stitches (as you can see on the side there, I have acquired/drawn out all the kits/patterns). His last little message was adorable though and it made me giggle when he pulled out the little sign that said “bye-bye.” So I stitched that, but personalized the message because I’m actually taking a voyage soon (yes, I know “bon voyage” means “good journey,” but voyage = boat ride in my brain), so it’s like my little good-bye.

I know it’s cheesy.

I also am doing the mini swap that takes place over the next 2 months. I’m excited 😀

Back to presents! But, this means I may not be posting very many pictures except for maybe challenge and swap stitches over the next couple of months…unless I somehow gain super stitching speed, finish them all, and can start on this beautiful new kit I broke down and bought……

Comments welcome.

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2 Responses to August Challenge and My Good-Bye Stitch

  1. blackmageheart says:

    I like it! Of course, I’ve already seen this at Sprite Stitch, but I had no idea you were doing it for the IHSW!
    Great work!

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