My life is so busy and impressive that I totally forgot to write a post about this awesome milestone!

I beat Pokemon Black 2!

…oh wait…no. Well, yes, I did. But that wasn’t the important milestone…

Ah yes…1000 Pageviews!

Most of them were probably accidents! Hooray! I know some of them were because one of my posts is labeled “What is the opposite of tunnel vision?” and I’m sure that gets misleading after a while.

Anyhoozles. Still, that’s 1000 times people (mostly my friends who feel obligated because of facebook protocol) have looked at my stuff. Yay.

After the holidays, there are going to be SO MANY POSTS! Now that I’ve beated the Elite Four for the first time…again, I can focus on the presents again while I catch up on Doctor Who…which I’m sad to say I’ve almost all the way caught up on. I shouldn’t watch things too fast. In one evening, my mind was blown like 4 times.

Okay, enough talk. More being in Cozumel, which is where I am…:D

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