My little sister…my little sister

So she likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I haven’t gotten into the series. In fact, I’ve been rather avoiding it, because the nerdom that surrounds it can get a little creepy, I’ve found. (Apparently the extra creepy ones are called “cloppers.” I know this now, and I am sad about that.) However, my older brother and my younger sister are both “bronies” (as is Stephen Colbert, apparently). So, I found a pattern I thought was neat, and other brony friends of mine agreed. Though, I was told it lacked the spark of love that would only be apparent if I was a fan of the show as well.

I still haven’t watched it. Instead, I’ve been watching all 6 seasons of the  PowerPuff Girls. Go me.

Here’s what I made:

Rainbow Dash

It’s Rainbow Dash! 14 ct aida. It almost didn’t make it because my friend wanted to steal it.

Oh, and also, I got a huge replacement package of thread from ebay today.


Then this happened:


Resulting in this:



Also, I’m tirelessly working on my Cucoo Avalanche, and neglecting the “Achoo” new start. This is all I’ve got for that one:


I meant to post that in my last IHSW post. It doesn’t look like anything yet. Maybe I’ll start working on that again soon…

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