Evil for Hanukkah

My older brother is a huge Star Wars fan. Huge. I cannot overstate this. He’s bought every single version of the movies (VHS to BluRay), watches the TV shows, and has Star Wars tattoos that he has designed himself on his arms. Huge. Fan.

I am also of the opinion that you cannot be a true fan if you cannot laugh at it as well. For this reason, I love parodies of songs and movies and books. So, I stitched up a quote from Spaceballs. If you haven’t seen that movie, shame on you and go watch it. This blog will be here when you’re done. I promise.

Anyway, this is the quote I designed:

Now, I finished this over the course of about two days during a charter cruise. This was a Christian Rock charter cruise, and the first day I worked on it (during one of the concerts) I got this much done and had to stop:


I’m glad they didn’t see it…but I thought it was funny.

It’s on 14 ct Aida.

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