A gift of love…

I have been absent from the internet for a little while. Well, not really…I checked email and memebase…you know, important stuff.

But the reason I haven’t posted anything of my own was because I had a visitor on the ship. My boyfriend, Frank came to sail on two back-to-back cruises with me. So I had him for a whole week.

The week before he came, I dropped everything and starting stitching something for him as an anniversary present. I finished it in about 5 days.

You can find the pattern for free here!

I knew I was going to make this for him one day, and two weeks ago, I had the motivation. It is on…25 count evenweave. One strand. Now my 22ct will look huge!

I was very proud of myself…

And then he gave me a present back:


…His was better ^_^

The full story is here. You should read it…it’s pretty cute.

As for stitching…well, I haven’t touched a needle in a week. And that’s fine. I was busy with other things. But IHSW is this weekend, so it’s time to get back in the saddle. Unfortunately, I’m portmanning this week, which means I can’t get off the ship again until next Friday. Which is awesome for having an excuse to stay in and stitch, but not so good posting online on Monday. And I probably won’t buy an internet card ($20 for 200 minutes gets expensive!). So, my IHSW post shall be a few days late. I have plans for what I’m doing, though…so do come back!

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