WIPocalypse January 2013

So, I may have mentioned before, but I decided to join this Stitch-A-Long called WIPocalypse for 2013. The link is here. Every full moon, you post your WIPs (works in progress) and their progress for the month. It is similar to IHSW, which is every third weekend. I should probably keep one project for IHSW specially.


Ahhh…my Cucco update should have been here…my progress would be conceived as so much more impressive…here is it so far again:


And here’s Sailor Moon. Without her moon:


But her body is done! And that’s the colour for the moon beside her. This picture (rather than the one from the post before) shows the colour of the Aida much more accurately.

So, now onto the other part of WIPocalypse. There’s a theme thing. I’m not sure if I’ll follow it. Mostly because of the ship thing, and now I’ll be planning a wedding… But the first month is introductions and what you plan to accomplish for the year.

Obviously, this year I hope to finish the things I’ve started:

Sailor Moon
Cucco Avalanche

I realized that I never put up a picture of what the last one is going to look like, so here it is:

Cute, yeah? I am absolutely in love with it. Unfortunately, I keep working on other projects. At this rate, I won’t work on it again until I’m home!

As for new projects…

Well, I pretty much make it up as I go…but I’m pretty sure I’ll make something for my wedding…for which we haven’t set a date or anything. Other than that, I’ll just play games and like them, and then find pictures that I like and make that… I’ve been really doing a lot of Zelda stuff though in comparison to other games, so I’ll probably stay away from that for a while…

I’m so exciting, eh? Stay tuned!

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6 Responses to WIPocalypse January 2013

  1. Love your WIPs and that puppy is gorgeous 🙂

  2. Evalina says:

    Beautiful projects, I’m looking forward to see progress on all of them!

  3. bbrown426 says:

    Great projects you are working on!

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