Sailor Moon

So, a few days ago, I wrote this post about my former roommate, Jenny. We mostly clicked after we both revealed we were huge nerds. So, she asked me to make this for her:



I’m actually not a huge anime fan, but she likes them. I almost forgot to sign it, but she reminded me. We decided not to frame it before she left, because her main suitcase (MAIN suitcase) weighed almost 100 pounds. So, you know…why give her even more that she can’t carry?

My new roommate probably thinks I never work. She’s always up before me, and unless I go to the bar, she’s in bed after me. And during the day, I spend many hours cross stitching or playing my brand new video game obsession, Theatrhythms. Seriously, if you liked Final Fantasy at all, or you like games like Rhythm Heaven (HIGHLY recommended, by the way…Frank and I couldn’t share; we each needed our own. Worth it), this game is so for you. In the meantime, my PlayStation 2 (not as played as I wanted it to be while I was on the ships) is packed away, along with most of my clothes. Three weeks to go, tomorrow!

In other news, Achoo! is taking shape, and Cucco Avalanche is gathering dust till IHSW. And I’ll have a lot of time to stitch, I think next cruise. Another charter, and I think it’ll be the same thing where I just have to be there while other people work in my space. So I’ll bring cross stitch and a flashlight. 😀

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