Hey! Look at me!

I wasn’t planning to post until IHSW, because I’m working on two projects at the moment, and neither are even close to being done. And I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to get off the ship this week anyway because of another Christian cruise and I’m working like 14 hour days.

But I have to share this, because it’s pretty awesome.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m part of a community called SpriteStitch. It’s a nerdy crafting community, mostly cross stitching. The first Sunday of the month, the blog posts a “Sunday Roundup.” Sometimes the posters take from the monthly challenge, sometimes the projects are just really cool projects that were finished in the last month.

This month, one of MY finished projects was featured! This one:

Triforce of Badassery - For Frank

The post is here, and I’m honored to have my work up there with all the other really really awesome projects that were posted this month.

The Christian cruise is giving me an excellent opportunity to work on “Achoo!” so I’ll have a good post for WIPocalyse.

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