February 2013 IHSW

I’ve decided for this month to make my Cucco stitch my IHSW piece. The whole rest of the month has been the Achoo! piece. Mostly during the Christian charter cruise.

So, here’s my progress. Before:




I don’t know if it looks like a lot of progress or not. These chickens are kind of a bitch…

Ah well. Next one is the WIPocalypse post. I’ve made quite a lot of progress on that one.

And I want to make another one for Frank. Another Zelda one. Now, I like the games, but the amount of stitches I’ve done based on those games is wildly disproportionate to how much I’ve played them, compared to other series. After this, and the next one I’ll be doing for Frank, I’m moving on to other ones.

That’s all for now!

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