Checking in…

So, I’m home now (yay!) and Frank left yesterday (boo!!!).

I have yet to touch a needle since I’ve been home. I worked on Achoo! for a bit while at the airport, though. Did you know you can bring scissor on a plane as long as the blade is under 7 inches? But no nail clippers. Weird.

Anyway, hopefully that one will be finished soon so I can work on the other and then a sampler piece that I want to enter into the fair this year (absentee…because I’ll be on a ship). Oh, and I want to enter in the Sprite Stitch challenge this month too.

I won’t leave you with nothing, though. Frank and I were playing a game called Cards Against Humanity. It’s kind of like Apples to Apples…but way stranger and inappropriate. So one card told us we had to make a haiku with some of the cards we had. And since I post my “poetry” here, I figured I’d share what I’d come up with….

Slashes (/) indicate the separate cards that were used. It should give you an idea of how weird the cards are.

/Darth Vader/Scalping/
/The Little Engine That Could/
/A really cool hat/


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