Stage Art

So, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been pretty busy with my job. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m back at Kings Dominion for a couple months on my vacation from Carnival. Besides seeing my work friends again (who are all super awesome, by the way), the main reason I wanted to come back to KD was that I missed building sets and being on your toes as much as we are here.

On the ships, the shows are set. Maybe for as long as a decade. Usually (with the exception of the new 2.0 shows they’re putting up) the show was there before you, and will be there after you sign off. There is no real room for creating. For anyone, really. The music’s written, the choreography is set, the lighting and sound equipment is hung (and in some cases, welded in place), and the set is built.

At KD, at least, new shows roll through every year. Even if the show is musically the same, there’s always new choreography, costumes, and set pieces. This year, we’ve had to already build two sets from scratch. It should be mentioned at this point that I did not design any of the KD set that I’m posting. I do believe, however, that while the design itself is the designer’s art, so too is the execution of said design by the technicians or engineers. So, that is why I list these on my resume, and I’m posting them here as Other Art under Set Builds and Painting.

This was the first set we started work on. This area didn’t even have a staging area last year. In its spot was a game. I don’t even remember which game. Anyway, that’s why it has a stupid awning that doesn’t match.

The Grove Stage:


This stage has two shows: Got Country? and Karaoke Superstars! The country show used to be Saddle Up! two years ago. Frank was the sound tech for it for one season.  The karaoke one has a guitarist and an electric drum set (which I didn’t know existed outside of Rock Band). The four performers rotate who plays the drums during their short preview performance. It makes me giggle a little, because Carnival has a show called Superstar Live! where the showband plays with the singer. This is new at KD this year. And this is the show utilizes those two 60 inch TVs for the lyrics.

This is the second stage that we built. The Grande Bandstand:


The pop show, Pop Fusion, plays here. Last two years it was a pop show called Spin. Frank ran that one too.

The round truss in the back is a remnant of the days that the park was owned by Paramount. This stage was a little more difficult than the Grove Stage. Those ramps we ordered separately, so those seemingly simple boxes had to be built and placed very precisely. When they finally arrived, they turned out to be about 500 pounds each. No exaggerations. Seriously 500 pounds. And as you can see above, some of them  had to be placed fairly high.

The slideshow of the progress is here on Flickr.

I’ve also posted on the Other Art page the other stages and sets that I’ve helped build, if anyone is interested.

TL;DR: no stitching lately because things! Also, look what else I can make!

Also, I’ve started on two paid and two non-paid commissions. So yay!

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