Show Art

Recently, I found photos of pictures I’d drawn a few years ago. They don’t look like much, really, but I like them.

Sometimes, when you’re working on a show, you need to get out of the text to explore your characters. At one point, I drew these to depict my character, and her role in society.

This show was called Hortensia and the Museum of Dreams. It was an interesting play, and I was Hortensia. So, you know, it was my museum. The premise was that people write down their dreams and hopes and miracles they’ve witnessed, and they’re all hung up in this shrine. This is what I drew to represent the museum:


My character was a very free spirit, and music is important to her, and to the show. In our production, the music was all original, and I carried my instrument (basically a bracelet made of goat nails, if I remember correctly), so that I made noise wherever I went.


And during the play, Hortensia gets blocked by law enforcement on the opening of her museum. She’s very different from everyone around her.


And…I honestly don’t remember what the fire turtle story was, but it was important…lol…something about the fire being inside you, and the water cooling you off to balance you…or something. It’s been a while, sorry!


Here’s the funny thing. Hortensia isn’t even the main character.

I know they aren’t particularly good drawings, and perhaps they are a little to abstract to mean anything to anyone else. Ah well. Enjoy.

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