Awesome people using awesome patterns

This post isn’t (totally) about me!

So…waaaaaay back in this post, I mentioned in a “by-the-way” sort of way, a pattern I had made based off this picture on the Pokemon Memebase.

I also posted it on SpriteStitch, my favourite crafty online haunt. SpriteStitch user Sheetaaa took the pattern and ran with it.

Take a look at the finished product!

It’s sooooo cool to see that on fabric! And it looks awesome!

The pattern can be found here on my patterns page, or here on SpriteStitch.

By the way ( 🙂 ) I posted a new pattern on that forum a while ago, but I’m just putting it up here now. It’s based on this picture:

It’s just the TARDIS part though. You can download a PDF on the Patterns page. I think it’ll make a great ornament at the holidays or hanging in a window 🙂

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