Krafty Kin!

I’m not the only person in may family who dabbles in the arts.

….Okay, we do more than dabble. I’m in theatre, I make things (obvs), and I’ve been involved in music since I was 9 (clarinet woot woot!), my mother plays clarinet and paints and used to make jewelry (even had her own shop!), my sister was an art major for a while, and now she’s into the culinary arts, but she also paints and played trumpet for a while. Patterns?

Then there’s my little brother. Thirteen, and acts it. He plays video games and tried to take me on fighting (ha.), and is generally a thirteen year old boy. He does play sax though. Oh, and he also makes wicked cool things out of duct tape! He usually makes wallets, but the other day I came home to these babies:

DUCT TAPE SHOES. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Action shot!

Really neat. And the whitish part glows in the dark. I think we all know that I LOVE glow in the dark crafts.

This was the best part:

Isaac: This is my LP
Me: Your what? Why?
Isaac: Get it? Because it’s my “mixed tape”


Wow. This post utilized capitals quite a bit.

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