IHSW May 2013

So I’m posting this a bit early because I’m getting on my ship tomorrow, and I won’t have time to post on Monday. It doesn’t matter much anyway…I didn’t cross stitch one stitch.

You know what I did though? I learned to knit!

The first…*grumbleynumbers* looked like…

…looked kinda like red cat poop…

I absolutely, super duper HATE not being able to execute things that I understand the theory of.

It was really strange. I kept gaining stitches on my second needle. I started with ten, and most of my subsequent experiments ended up with 12 or 13 and I’d unravel the whole thing in frustration.

But, after more attempts than I’d like to admit, this happened:

Look, it’s a thing!

My friend was teaching me while we listened to Jimmy Buffett. These were her supplies, so I left them there with her. But I plan on getting my own stuff and making myself a Hufflepuff scarf 🙂 (I went to Harry Potter World this weekend! Read about it here.)

So, for WIPocalypse post, you can see my progress on my projects, but this weekend I made none :/

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