Take us home!

I had to wait a little while to post this one. I made this ages ago, but I had to wait to show Frank before I posted it. But now he’s on my ship, so I’m happy! And not stitching very much….anyway…

I had a whole sheet of plastic canvas that I’ve been dying to stitch on. Now I’m definitely no expert in plastic canvas, but I think this little project turned out well.

Frank is really into World of Warcraft. I’ve tried to get into it. To tell the honest truth, I’d probably get really into it and love it……….if I didn’t have to pay for every single day I played the damn game. I buy a game, I get to play it any time I want for forever. For free. Because I already paid for it. I know that I’d like the game, because I really like Diablo 3, which is a similar system by the same company. And I can play it whenever I want….provided I have an internet connection. Dammit! This is why I like board and card games!!

Whew…anyhoozles. This is a cheesy little thing I’ve made for Frank. It’s a Hearthstone on a keyring for his cabin. It’s cheesy because the Hearthstone takes you back to you hometown, where ever you have it set.


And look! It glows in the dark!



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