WIPocalypse June 2013

I know, I know. The full moon isn’t for another couple of days. But I’m portmanning next week, so this is my last chance off the ship for a week. Blargh.

Okay, so this month has been pretty busy. I’ve had this intensive (sort of…mostly just long and boring) safety training for work. It’s been eating up hours of my day that I have not been able to use for stitching. But I did get some progress on Cuccos.


I couldn’t be bothered to take it out of the hoop this morning. Not sorry. But as you can see, I’ve gotten quite a bit of the grass done. Soon, I’ll have to start looking at the pattern again.

But I put it on the back burner again to make this:


In reference to this:

That movie is ridiculously funny. I might already have another sampler lined up from that. Or something from Firefly. Or Portal. Or Doctor Who. SO MANY CHOICES.

Oh, oh! And I sort of was featured again on Spritestitch blog! 🙂 GO LOOK.


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