New Loves

It seems that once one obsession’s legacy ends, I find a new one. Not to take its place, oh no–Harry Potter and his friends and enemies will forever have a place in my heart–but to join it.

So I’ve been portmanning for the last week, which means I couldn’t get off the ship. And this is what I did with my time.

Firefly. What can I say about it that hasn’t already been said over and over?


Here’s my contribution to that masterpiece:


The original was posted on craftster, but the OP was nice enough to share the pattern here. I changed it slightly to suit my needs.

My next new obsession is Game of Thrones. THE RED WEDDING WAS NOT OKAY.


Arya might be my favourite character, followed by Tyrian.

  • IMG_0268

I like this quote because Rapier and Dagger is my favourite of all the SAFD weapons. And she’s little and fierce. Like me!

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