Game Boxes

So, I write about video games on here quite a bit, but there is another genre that holds my heart as well.

Frank and I love board and card games. We. Love. Them. We have an account at our local gaming store at home. We host gaming parties. And they’re not lame. They are competitive, loud, and fun.

Look at this case thing:


That is a fraction of the games that we own as a couple. Probably only about half. Plus at the top are wooden die rolling boxes that we made ourselves…when we had access to a full workshop.

There are two games in particular (both card games) that we’ve fallen in love with. Both of them have many expansions that we can’t help but add to our collections. Finally, both card collections grew too big to fit into the original boxes. So we took matters into our (my) crafting hands.

The first game is Munchkin. It’s a dungeon crawler card game. And it’s awesome. Highly recommended.



It is a treasure box to reflect the hunt for treasure throughout the game. Which helps in leveling and killing other players 🙂

The second game is actually the game that started us on our game kick, Killer Bunnies.



The circles represent all the expansions. This game looks incredibly complex when you first start out…mostly because it is. Cards, dice, pawns, tokens, money, carrots, a ball, and when you were born are all part of this game. It’s super fun! There’s even a little kids version called Kinder Bunnies…that you can later add to the main set.

I wish I had time to make boxes for all our games lol…

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