Mini Swap 2013!!

I’m still waiting for the surprises that are coming my way, but my swappie got hers and loves them ^_^

I’m still sort of mad about my job at the moment, and I do have a couple mini samplers to post later on that note, but for today: Swap! And Pokemon!

She said that her family loves StarTrek, but I thought she’d make a lot of those herself, and I didn’t want to make something she’d already made. So I took some of the other things she’d written. They love Avengers and her son is a mini Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. So…


I did this one first. I love the simplicity of the symbols of the different heroes instead of trying to decipher which avatar is supposed to be which.




I guess I was sticking with a circular-ish theme for this swap lol. The writing says “One of us is going to have to stop putting up Spock.” She wrote to me that her son tried to steal them, but she’ll be putting them up in their TV/Game Room ^_^ Yaaaaay

I had some scrap left from these projects, so as an afterthought, I made this:

IMG_0422It is currently a bookmark!

All of them:


These are also part of the Sunday Roundup over on SpriteStitch. Check it out here.

I’m now working on two larger pieces for a friend of mine, and hopefully will be done with the first one soon. I say hopefully because I just picked up Frank and my copies of Pokemon X and Y today (a day late because we were at sea yesterday)!! I promised I wouldn’t start to play until Frank got his (he’s on duty and can’t leave the ship), but I will be playing or stitching and nothing else in my free time, I think.

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2 Responses to Mini Swap 2013!!

  1. Tumble56 says:

    Please can you put the actual pattern up for the avengers cross stitch?

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