IHSW…sort of…and a round up!

Okay, so I thought this weekend would be totally awesome for IHSW. I drove home with my fiance on Thursday, and we got home on Friday. So I figured I’d have a nice relaxing weekend at home for stitching.

Then everything changed when the families attacked!

We’re still trying to find a balance between our two families and hanging out with them.

So….long story short, I don’t have anything to offer for IHSW. However, I will fill this space with a round up of all the work I did on the ship this contract. Maybe I should do this every time 🙂

First, progress on Cuccos…

Right before my contract:

And now:

20130919-113830.jpgHoly should be finished by now, batman! Ah well…there’s always next contract…

Then I made this for a friend on the ship:

Don't Blow It - For Amy

After that, I got really into a couple of fandoms (a little late, but whatevs…) and made these:

Firefly - Jayne's Hat

Game of Thrones - Arya's Quote

I did a Portal piece that took me longer than I expected:

Cave Johnson's Lemon Rant

One day, I made phone cases for Frank and myself:

Portal Party Position Phone Case

Pokemon Pokedex Phone Case

I added some bling to our cabin with this entry for a SpriteStitch Challenge:

August Challenge - Shiny Magikarp and Gyarados

My friend Steph begged for a quick stitch:

Stephany Nameplate

I started this for some reason:

20131017-131157.jpgI did SpriteStitch Mini Swap:

Mini Swap 2013

Rock-Paper-Scossprs-Lizard-Spock - Mini Swap 2013

Avengers Symbols - Mini Swap 2013

I got a little frustrated at work:

Stop Freaking Out



And finally, here’s how my commissions are looking now:



I have quite a bit to go on this Triforce piece, but I think now that I’m home (even though I bogged with wedding stuff), I’ll have a lot more time for craft that I had in my last two or so weeks at work.

So…nothing new, but enjoy the progress I made for the last 6 months 🙂

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2 Responses to IHSW…sort of…and a round up!

  1. Dawn says:

    Where did you get that portal pattern?

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