Making Warmth


I really am working on cross stitch, I super promise.

But when I first came home, my mom had picked up a new hobby…and I just had to try it.

Loom knitting!


I made myself a hat!


And it didn’t take so long, so I started a new one.

IMG_0538It doesn’t look like it’ll make anything at all useful at first…

And then I tried to add a new color:


It was a pretty good job, I thought. And here’s the final result:


JMU colors!

IMG_0549And now Frank can match the little penguin I made him.

JMU Penguin


And it’s strange because almost anything else that has to do with yarn I have trouble with. But I like this loom stuff. I want to make a scarf next. Or Hogwarts themed hats…

Also, I’ve added the pattern from the doge stitch I posted yesterday to my etsy shop. Check out!

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