Adventure Stitch!

Last contract, Frank got into the show “Adventure Time” and asked me to stitch him Jake with a quote that he likes from the show. I put it off for a bit, and then forgot about it. This is mostly because I did very little stitching over my vacation.

But then, Frank was called to work early, because the person he was supposed to be replacing was…let go.  So, he was sent to the ship two weeks early. I buckled down with wedding stuff, but then I was called early, too. The person I was replacing had had a family emergency.

Bored with last minute packing, I turned on Netflix, and started watching Adventure Time. It’s not a particularly good show, but it did capture my attention enough for me to finish packing. I reach the episode of the quote, and I was finally inspired to make a pattern.

I didn’t start stitching this until I was waiting for my second flight, which turned out to be okay, since it was delayed 2 hours, first because of weather, then because the plane was broken (which, that’s fine, fix the plane first, please).

So anyway…tl;dr: here’s a thing I made for Frank while sitting on a plane for far too long:


Enjoy this.

Also, I should be finished with the commissions soon. I have calculated how many stitches per day I have to do to be done by the end of the month, and it’s more than doable!

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