March 2014 WIPocalypse

So, I haven’t been answering the questions posted for the WIPocalypses for this year… Here they are so far:

January Topic: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

I’m Rachel and I work in a theatre on a cruise ship. I started cross stitching about 2 years ago on a whim, and I love it! I am also in several fandoms, including Harry Potter, Portal, A:TLA, Pokemon, and more.

I’ve been putting Cucco Avalanche on the backburner over and over for over a year. I’d like to finish that this year.

I also have some ideas for my wedding that I’ll be working on. This month (March) I’ve finished all the patterns for them, and I’ve ordered the aida.

February Topic: How many projects do you generally feel comfortable having in progress at a time? Tell us about your one-at-a-time or rotation habits!

Um…well, sometimes I get bored, and just start a new small project. Generally, I have two or three main projects at a time. Right now, I have Cuccos and a family sampler in the works, but I’d like to start the wedding projects soon, too. There are eight of them. And a small commission.

When I’m backstage, I like to work on things that either have one color, or blocks of the same color, so that I don’t have to change colors or refer to the pattern all the time.

March Topic: Show us your favorite places to stitch.

I’d love to stitch out on deck, but it’s really a hassle to move all my stuff up there, plus I wouldn’t want to wear my uniform out there, since it’s black pants and black polo. Also it’s usually really windy.


Mostly, I stitch in my cabin, in our bed.


The overhead light is very helpful, but obviously, I can’t keep all the stuff on there. My fiance would not be happy about that. We have a new cabin now (today!), with a double bed (finally! We’ve been sleeping together in a single twin for months.)

I have this bag that I keep my current projects in to carry around. It’s from Del Sol, which is one of my favorite shops here in the Caribbean. Everything they sell changes color in the sun. I also have rings and sunglasses from there.



I take that to also stitch backstage (Hey! Hence the name of the blog!).


I don’t stitch during production shows, but there are several times during the day where I just need to sit and wait back there. I usually sit in the stool, but I can find a place anywhere back there.

I also freak out my coworkers because when I’m working somewhere other than my cabin, I keep my needles in the collar of my uniform shirt.


So here are what I’ve been working on this month…that I can show (hehe…secret stitches!).

I’m working on a family sampler for my grandmother. It’s so close to being finished!!!


And I’m working on filling in the building on Cucco Avalanche, and I colored Link.


I also got distracted about halfway through the month and made this:

Back That Aft Up

This turned out to be a little tl;dr-y but now I’m all caught up, and I don’t have to do all this next month!

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5 Responses to March 2014 WIPocalypse

  1. Rachel says:

    Hello from another Rachel! Sounds like you lead a very interesting life – congrats on getting a bigger cabin, with a bigger bed!!

  2. Marcy says:

    I love how you store your needles. I tend to stick mine in my pant leg above my right knee.

  3. Scrapbrat1 says:

    Very cool photos! Your stitching spot made me laugh. I love the piece for your grandma.

  4. typenstitch says:

    I love your Del Sol bag and you have great places for stitching!

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