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IHSW April 2014…

…Was a huge bust…. Also this is late. Those two things are related. First of all, my family came to cruise for five days. I was unaware that would wear me out so effectively. In a good way, though. We … Continue reading

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This piece is legend–wait for it–

…dary. How I Met Your Mother was introduced to me by my roommate at the time. I took little heed at first because I get a lot of people saying things like “OMG you should totally TOTALLY watch Twilight…it’s pretty … Continue reading

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WIPocalypse April 2014

April 15 – Topic:  How do you keep your stash organized? HAHAHAHAHA. *ahem* Uh…I don’t. After my stash got thrown out during my first contract, I ordered a massive amount of thread online from ebay. It came in a trashbag…and … Continue reading

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A nice little house…

NSFW? A couple of years ago, I auditioned for a musical. I watched the movie to prepare and everything. I didn’t get the part, and forgot about it. Then I came to the Carnival Paradise. One of the shows we … Continue reading

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So, I’ve decided to stop stitching my secret stitches backstage (don’t want them to get dirty), and do some smaller projects there. I just got a massive shipment of cloth, as I said before. However, why not use EVERY scrap … Continue reading

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Make it rain!

Alright…Cucco Avalanche took forever…no more Legend of Zelda pieces for a while. …RIGHT AFTER THIS NEXT ONE! I couldn’t resist. Working on some secret stuff, and some tiny things.

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Cucco Avalanche!

Okay. So this happened: March 30: Me: *sees that I only have a few hundred stitches left in this piece* Frank, I will be finished with the chickens by the end of this month Frank: *looks at his watch* You … Continue reading

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