Cucco Avalanche!

Okay. So this happened:

March 30:

Me: *sees that I only have a few hundred stitches left in this piece* Frank, I will be finished with the chickens by the end of this month
Frank: *looks at his watch* You know the end of the month is tomorrow, right?
Me: Yes.


I didn’t post on the 1st because we were at sea, and the internet on the ship in the middle of the ocean is the worst. And I didn’t get off the ship in Grand Cayman yesterday because I actually did work.

So I finished the Cuccos. I took a picture of the last stitch I put into itIMG_0778

And here it is, framed and in all its glory:


Stitched over one on 22 count, with two strands. HUGE mistake, but I stuck with it to the end.

I said I’d never stitch anything big on 22 again….

Then I got a package with a HUGE amount of 22 count fabric. Damn. Welp, only thing to do is find something to stitch on all this fabric. Most of it is either pink or green, but there are a couple reds and navys as well.

I’m a glutton for punishment, because I immediately made a massive pattern (which just means bigger than Cuccos and will end up being very small on the 22 count). However, I know that I will only use one strand, and I’m better and faster at cross stitching now. I will not start a huge project before I finish the wedding stitches, however…

I have also finished a number of smaller projects before and after the finish of this monster. That should keep my blog busy for a while 🙂

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4 Responses to Cucco Avalanche!

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  2. Sophie Tabak says:

    This is amazing! Do you have a pattern for it? I love it!!!

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