WIPocalypse April 2014

April 15 – Topic:  How do you keep your stash organized?



Uh…I don’t.

After my stash got thrown out during my first contract, I ordered a massive amount of thread online from ebay. It came in a trashbag…and it’s mostly all still in that same trashbag. I tried to separate threads into different baggies according to number, but I got bored with that super quick. The trashbag currently resides in the sock drawer under our bed. No pictures…it’s pretty messy.


I’ve done quite a bit this month.

I finished the Cuccos. Which is super exciting for both me and my fiance.

Cucco Avalanche


I did a few small pieces:

LoZ - Make It Rain!

Tiny Haiku


And as for my WIPs…I can’t post those quite yet… 😀

Still a productive month.

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2 Responses to WIPocalypse April 2014

  1. Marcy says:

    Congrats on the finish … I love all those little chickens!

  2. Scrapbrat1 says:

    Cute stuff! LOL at the trash bag!

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