This piece is legend–wait for it–


How I Met Your Mother was introduced to me by my roommate at the time. I took little heed at first because I get a lot of people saying things like “OMG you should totally TOTALLY watch Twilight…it’s pretty much the best thing since the mp3 player, like, word.” But it wasn’t the best thing since the mp3 player, was it? No.

However, I did start watching it…and ended up binge-watching the series on Netflix. Even during an online road safety course (don’t worry, I aced the test I had to take at the end). Frank and I are the Lilly and Marshall of most of our social circles, especially on the ships.

The conclusion of this nearly decade-long series was…cathartic? I didn’t particularly like it…but I wasn’t vehemently against it, either. It was coherent, and made sense…even if I didn’t want that to be the ending.

This is how I channeled my sadness of the ending of a great series:


I tried my hand at a little blackwork embroidery this time. The frame around the main words has the quote “It’s going to be legend-and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of the word is-dairy. Legendary.”

Frank likes the way the thread sits on the fabric for this one. Like it pops of the fabric a little more. In my rather large order of fabric, I got this ~8×6 piece of 22 ct Hardanger that was just begging to be used for something awesome. I looked up a couple of blackwork designs, created a few, and here we are.

Neil Patrick Harris is a national treasure, and Barney Stinson is one of the most exciting characters ever written. So his words deserve to be immortalized in my blackwork. Yes.

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