WIPocalypse May 2014

May 14 – Topic: What designs or themes do you really wish you could find? What do you think is missing among stitching designs?

I’m not sure. If I can’t find what I’m looking for, or at least elements of what I want and put them together, or I try to draw out what I want. I did that with the Best Little Whorehouse piece. I looked through some pattern books to find house patterns, and took pieces from some of those houses, and just drew the rest of it. Other than that, I suppose I with there were more theatre-based cross stitches, or at least pixel art so I can stitch it.

Speaking of which, I’m in the middle of a theatre-based cross stitch myself. It’s nearly done, so I’ll put that up in a couple of days. I’m also working on an 8 piece series, and as of this month, I’m done with 1.5 out of 8. :/ I really need to pick up the pace on that.

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2 Responses to WIPocalypse May 2014

  1. evalinamaria says:

    All that is fine, but where are the pictures?!?

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